How to find a Sellers location


Our inquiring minds want to where a particular Seller - who fulfills their own orders - is located.
Anyone know how to find this out? And yes, we asked the Seller but no response.
Thanks in advance for your insights on how to see where they are located.


If they have not enabled the ships from, you cannot


Is “place an order” too simple?

bunga bunga!


I’m guessing you have already checked the web for any info; But like lake said, if the ships from field is not completed it may be impossible; When you view all offerings for an ASIN in Amazon, I guess that is blank if they have not provided that info… (For most it says Ships from (State Abbreviation). > I would think that should be a required field but I’ve definitely seen some that were blank.
Another idea is if they have sales tax set up properly, then if you specify a destination in their state it’ll calc. sales tax (that won’t help in a state with the facilitator though); U could try testing that w/CA, NY, TX, etc. (destination zip u provide)


To what purpose, @hallmark_toys? This seems a little sketchy. If Sellers don’t want to make that info readily available–evidenced by not already including that info and not responding to your direct question–why in the world would you continue to try to dig up that info?


ETA @6m: You could consider calling out the Seller here and seeing if they will PM you with that information, once you make your intentions clear (assuming they are good, peaceful intentions).


Ships from is not always where they are located …

Return address from an order is more likely … but also not always their location.

Like @papyrophilia mentions … “This seems a little sketchy.” … so I wont provide any ideas.


I am asking for ways to find out the location of a Seller.Respectfully, a non answer is truly a waste of time.


<"…If Sellers don’t want to make that info readily available…"> And for what good reason does a Seller not want to make that info available. Are you a Seller hiding your ship from point? And if so why??? Why do you want it hidden from your Buyer?


I’d like to know, too, since it can be an indicator that the seller has no inventory and is a dropshipper. I would then avoid that purchase. Usually I can tell, but this would help

Also I might want a fast delivery but not want to pay expedited, so I’ll look for a seller in my state.


On the Amazon USA marketplace, it can be impossible to find out.

The seller can use a fulfillment service for his FBM orders or Amazon’s MCF. A return address in the US doesn’t have to belong to him.

There is no way to tell where a seller is located with a 100% certainity.


I didn’t provide a “non-answer”, as you can see, since it’s been well over 2 hours since I posted this edit:

:laughing::rofl::joy: Well if I was, I certainly wouldn’t want to share it with you, in this Forum! As it happens, I am NOT and do not hide either my ship-from or return-to addresses from Buyers. However, I am an actual legitimate business with multiple e-commerce presences as well as B&M; my addresses are BUSINESS addresses.

But plenty of Amazon Sellers are working from their HOMES and do not want Buyers (or evidently, oddly nosy/aggressive fellow Sellers? :no_mouth:) showing up at their homes or knowing how much they paid for their house or stalking them on the internet or asking how about it publicly visible Forums, etc.

If you actually purchased from them, as @bunga_bunga mentioned early upthread, then you might have more location information, for whatever your purposes are.

Certainly, I agree. However, if a Seller doesn’t publicize that sort of info on the Buyer side AND does not respond to a question about their location, I know I–and I suspect, you–would just move on to another Seller, rather than continuing to stalk that one. SMH.


You are certainly much more gracious than I would have been if some kook nut job was trying to stalk me. Most likely, I would have said “Protected by Smith and Wesson” before doing the same thing to the kook that the kook was doing to me. Let them know how it feels to have your privacy violated.


For goodness sake… A simple City and or State - for purposes of estimating time, tax, etc… does not require anyone’s home address.


Can I give @Uncle_Leroy’s comment multiple Likes or are we limited to only 1 Like per comment?


I am located out in no man’s land.
My driveway is 3 miles long, off the narrow road which itself is 22 miles off the main road.
My property is protected by crazy dogs and the occasional black bear.
I am a small home based seller and am paranoid about my privacy.
Googling my address will only show a snapshot of the entrance to the 3 mile driveway.

Neh, I live in Brooklyn NY on a crowded street. I do not work from home. But I wish that I lived and worked far off from the hubbub. I understand and respect those who do. Although, I may decide not to place an order with such.

I Kid You Not


Sellers–including me–will often offer zip codes for those purposes, pre-purchase, when contacted. Perhaps you should try contacting that Seller again.


Why the paranoia? No one was asking for your home address - If you are the only one that lives in that/town/city/state then yes get a grip on that wesson or take a chill pill.


(1) Your question wasn’t clear that you just wanted a “ballpark”.

(2) The obvious ways–contacting the Seller (which you said you did) AND making a purchase were already mentioned–yet you seemed to be looking for either more or different data. If you have to work that hard for it, maybe it’s not meant to be.

(3) If you are asking as a Buyer, then it’s so easy just to have clarified that instead becoming defensive, which makes it seem even sketchier than previously. :woman_shrugging:


I dont fall under this specific circumstance…but it was asked…WHY WOULD ANYONE HIDE SHIP FROM INFO…

Simple. They dont want anyone outside of Amazon and themselves to know their identity.

Brick and Mortar distributor or even manufacturer selling online direct…their local sales via their staffed commission salespeople may be at a higher market cost than the online business model will fetch due to a number of factors including transportation and their own commission…therefore they keep the two ignorant of the other entity via warehouse locations or anon names that are semi untraceable until one actually makes a purchase from them.

To put it in simple terms…its a methodology some use to keep market segments ignorant of each other for specific reasons usually related to margins involved or to avoid loyalty perception issues.


I have found that the site called seller ratings (I can’t post the address here but it is easy to figure out) often has the ships from information on many sellers, even many of those that don’t have it on their listings.

Otherwise you can kind of guess based on the shipping time if they are an international seller or not but not the specific country really.