How to change the listing URL?


How to change the listing URL? Or how does it work? Means that some urls have the names inside and some of the doesn’t. Just /dp/.
For example:
How the listing gets this “Stainless-Steel-Knifes-Set” in url.
Our listing is new and doesn’t have anything in it. How does the process of getting this name looks like?


That is a canonical tag.

Amazon creates those from content in your listing.

Obviously they have intentionally mislead the search engines by using stainless steel knifes. Not even close to the bento box.


Considering that the actual Canonical URL for ASIN B00PKNO7HO is , something’s amiss - but I’m not entirely convinced that it’s actually intentional on Amazon’s part, as that’s the #1 Best Seller in that Sub-category (Lunch Boxes), sporting an Amazon’s Choice badge to boot.


Most certainly, what is your lead in for that ASIN?

Why in the world would that ASIN have a postitive and negative canonical tag?

I just checked bing and amazon[.]ca leaves out the important word “box” on that tag, and amazon using lead in from bing using the ASIN has “box” in the tag.

amazon must be gaming bing to get double listings by mutating the tag.


Thanks for the answer. That was an example with “Stainless-Steel-Knifes-Set” :slight_smile:


If you don’t mind sharing I would like to know how you found that URL.

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