How do I contact someone from seller performance team?


Our account has been suspended due to the selling books with complaint type “USED SOLD AS NEW”, we tried to write multiple plan of action to no avail and gave up hope waiting for the 90 day to pass so we can collect our remaining balance. You can read more in the following email I just sent to them.

Any help is appreciated. I really think our messages aren’t being handled properly and being read in full or else they would realize “counterfeit” items “below” aren’t actually written below.

Good Morning Seller Performance Team,

We are really sorry this has come to this. However, our attempts to reach out to you regarding our questions have been left unanswered.

If you do not mind me giving you a brief overview of what happened please read below. Before you begin, it is important to note that we used to sell both used and new condition books, and the problem was that they were usually processed in the same area and got mixed up.
On July 26 our selling privileges were removed due to “Complaint type: USED SOLD AS NEW ASINs: 0821215965, 1594867151, 155870423X, 0811819264, 0312591063”
We took steps to ensure the customers affected by our mistakes were refunded for their purchases.
We wrote a plan of action right away and submitted only to be rejected, and the complaint type changed into “Item Not as Advertised”.
In turn, we wrote another plan of action giving out much more details and shared our updated chart on how to handle books in different conditions.
That appeal also got rejected and on August 10 we got another notification from Amazon stating that we had sold “inauthentic” items, that same notification clearly stated the following; “The sale of counterfeit products on Amazon is strictly prohibited. If you cannot provide valid invoices or receipts for the items listed below, we will permanently hold funds equivalent to the amount you earned from the sale of these items in the last 180 days”
Please see attached at this point for a copy of that notification. What I want you to look specifically is where it says “below” and there is no ASINs or any kind of indicator of what item/book/product has caused us to get this inauthentic complaint.
At that point, we sent out a final appeal attaching some of the invoices we had and there was no response to that last appeal at all.
We gave up hope and started focusing on our other aspects of business and started waiting for the 90 day period to end so we can collect our remaining balance.
Fast forwarding to October 29 we received an email from with the subject [CASE 5482334651] Ihr Verkäuferkonto bei In the email, it stated that we would have to wait until November 9 2018, for the 90 days to end.
Which we did wait and up until this last response from you, we assumed the “counterfeit” complaint was generated in error because there were no listings that we got that complaint of in our total sale of 4027 sales.
We created two cases hoping to speak to an agent regarding our status but both times we haven’t heard back from anyone from Amazon other than these emails.

Our average customer feedback is/was is 4.9/5 stars as we try to deliver amazing customer service. We already took responsibility for the given ASINs above and handled it as best as we could in our plans that we submitted in the past.

It is very puzzling to us how/why complaint types on our account have changed from “Used Sold as New” to “Counterfeit”.

I am asking you very kindly to review our case and this response carefully to see that these responses we have been getting from Amazon have been less than reliable and hard to address.

If we are to give you an invoice for a specific item or brand, then we would need to know what item is causing this complaint, so please get back to us so we can fix this problem.

Amazon’s last email to us:
Dear Neon faux leather llc,

We have received your request for payment. However, we cannot complete this request at this time.

Why is this happening?
Your account has been linked to the listing or sale of inauthentic items. The sale of counterfeit products is prohibited and your funds may be withheld if it is determined that your account has been used to sell inauthentic or infringing items.

How do I demonstrate authenticity?
In order to prove the authenticity of your items, please send documents such as invoices or brand authorization letters. Your appeal should address all of the inauthentic listings and policy violations associated with your account. Details about all of your specific inauthentic listings and policy violations can be found in your email or by viewing the Notifications page in the Performance section of Seller Central:

A plan of action is not necessary and there is no required format for your appeal. Please submit documents such as:
– Invoices.
– Brand authorization letters.

How do I send the required information?
Submit this information to

Within 7 days after we receive your appeal, we will review it and respond with a final decision.

What happens if I do not send the requested information?
If we do not receive the requested information within 30 days or if your appeal for funds is not successful, some or all of your funds will be withheld in your account.
Seller Performance Team
Amazon Payments


Seller performance only works by email.
There is no other way to contact them.


* Post the ORIGINAL Suspension Notice, you received, from Amazon, at the beginning of the thread.
* Post YOUR reply to the notice, immediately after, your ORIGINAL Suspension Notice, if you have written one.

  • If you received, more than one notice, post Amazon’s notice first, with your reply immediately after and keep everything in chronological order.
  • Do not create multiple threads for the same problem. Post in your original thread.
  • Be patient, be honest and understand, it can sometimes take up to 30 days, for Seller-Performance to respond to your Plan of Action.
  • Do not send duplicate emails to Seller-Performance. Each time you submit ab appeal, it may be counted against, the number of times, you will be able to submit a revised appeal.

A Plan of Action (POA), requires these four elements:

  • Problem:
    What problem, did Amazon state, your account was suspended for, in the Suspension Notice?

Examples: Inauthentic, Selling Prohibited Items, Negative Feedback, Opening a New Account after Being Suspended, Rights Owner Notice Complaint, Trademark Infringement, Selling Counterfeit Items, Duplicate Accounts, Late Shipment Rate, Used Item Sold As New, Not as Advertised/Wrong Item, etc…
— If there are several reasons, address each individually, in a single appeal. —

  • What you have already done to correct the problem:
    What did you do, to correct the Problem(s), that caused the suspension?

Example 1: We have DELETED all ASINs from our Amazon Inventory, that were, Inauthentic, Counterfeit, Prohibited, Used Item Sold As New, etc…

Example 2: We have corrected the Title, Images, Bullet Points, Description, Checked Our Inventory, for Not as Advertised/Wrong Item, etc…

Example 3: We have contacted the Rights Owner and they have agreed to withdraw the complaint, made against us and they have submitted the Notice of Withdrawal, directly to Amazon, etc…

Example 4: We have provided legitimate Invoices, from the manufactuer or rights Owner, etc…

  • How you plan to avoid the same problem from happening again in the future:
    What business remedies, will be put in place, to avoid future problems, with your account?

Example: We will only purchase stock, directly from manufacturers or authorized distributors, who also permit us to sell on Amazon.

  • Make a brief closing statement:
    The key word here, is “brief”. Amazon does need, personal excuses.

Example: We accept full responsibility for our error and fully understand “why” (Insert reason for suspension, complaint, etc…), Please consider reinstating our account and we will never make the same mistake in the future.


Your name
Your Amazon Seller Name
Your telephone number

Appeals need to be brief, honest and to the point. Use the above format, to help compile a POA, but please, do not send it in, until you post a draft of what you have written, back in this thread, for review by some other sellers.

You will not be able to add any items on Amazon, until you are able to submit a successful appeal and have the suspension lifted.

There are different Amazon email addresses, for different types of suspensions.
The most common, is

Please do not private message other sellers, unless they have asked you to provide additional information, you may not want to post publicly.

Finally, do NOT send extraneous emails to Seller Performance. ALWAYS wait for a response, prior to responding: Amazon Duplicate Cases Policy .


This is a mess.

I need to see the first correspondence, then your response, then Amazon’s next response, etc.

I need them unedited and complete.

Used sold as new is a completely different animal than fake.

Read my post on used sold as new and do all the steps in it. Your problem should show up.

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