High Returns


Why so many returns we get on Amazon them any other site? I sell women’s clothing’s and now return rate is 35% but 2 years ago was 15%. on Ebay we get about 2% returns selling same items (evening gowns) Anyone seen same issue?



Nationally, about 11% of merchandise is returned (and that includes clothing and toys) to a retail store. Amazon’s high return rate is because its too customer friendly. Raise your price to account for the high return rate or realize your products are CrAp. (Can’t realize a profit.)


Amazon’s liberal policies make it a wardrobe rental website. I personally would not sell clothes on Amazon, and getting a returned pair of crusty undies is all it takes. Only the best from Amazon’s customers…


If I had to guess Your Amazon sales are much higher then your ebay sales. Also, return rate in clothing for retail averages about 20-40%. I would say your return rate looks normal.


In retail, there are many “undocumented” returns…we take 3 items to the fitting room, and buy maybe one…are those 3 items considered to be “returns” ?
The price should reflect high returns and damaged/used items.


We sell about same amount on Amazon and Ebay. Our product price is high as $130 for evening gowns. Most reason is too small, too large and not as expected. This is not even on FBA. Its crazy, Its getting more every years


simple amazon lets buyers steal from 3rd party sellers and does nothing about it when people report them. Can easily list a 1000 buyers who have been reported on this site multiple multiple times for fraud and amazon does nothing. Just lets them keep buying and keep stealing from us honest 3rd party sellers. Amazon thinks they can let this go on forever with no repercussions but it will eventually kill this site once an honest site really tries to compete with them. The only thing special on amazon is us 3rd party sellers and someone is going to realize that and take advantage since amazon treats us like dirt at every turn!.


Amazon has spoiled a gazillion buyers. I had a guy return an item 3 weeks ago. He kept requesting returns and wasn’t happy because no return label was being generated. Every 5 mins I would get a notification that the buyer has canceled the return. Huh??? I never was notified that there was a request. after 3 notifications I get an A to Z filed. I respond with a shipping label. 3 days later the case is ruled in buyers favor and my metrics takes a hit. I open a case with seller support asking why my metrics takes a hit for a buyer who abused the return function until he opened a case. Amazon responds that they are looking into the matter and that was a week ago. The A to Z is still on my metrics. Right before bed last night I get an email from Amazon for another A to Z. A buyer had ordered an item from me. It was $52 so I shipped signature required. Buyer emails me a 2 weeks ago saying that the carrier didn’t leave the item in his box. I email back explaining that he would need to sign for it. He says ok no problem. Last night I get the A to Z for INR. I check tracking and buyer refused to sign for it. I message the guy and explain to him that A to Z’s hurt small business when used inappropriately blah blah blah… Today the guy closes the A to Z. OK COOL! I go to refund him (mind you I still haven’t received my item back) and Amazon says order had already been refunded. So the A to Z was canceled by the buyer 11 hours after opening the A to Z but Amazon has already refunded the buyer. Nice! Last week I get a negative feedback. Lady say’s I sent the wrong item. I double and triple check the item and look at the video camera in my shipping room. Nope. I sent the correct item that was only $5.97. Anyways she leaves a negative feedback saying that I refused to respond to her messages. HUH??? I have never received a message from her. I message her and explain maybe she was emailing Amazon buyer support and not me but that I am happy to help her out. She don’t respond. 4 days later I get a notification for auto authorized return for wrong item sent. The lady still hasn’t shipped it back but in the meantime I get a message from Amazon saying my order defect rate is at risk… I can see Bezos ran all the malls, brick & mortars and mom & pops out of business and now they will start on us. Cold world we live in. Of course you have a bunch of sellers here who will side with Amazon and swear that it’s the sellers fault always. I read all the comments belittling people asking for help or someone who made a mistake and brings their issue here just to be ridiculed… When us small guys are gone guess who is next??? Yup the one’s always sitting here defending Amazon. I really hope everyone has a plan B to make it in life because plan A(mazon) is running out. Just look at everyone’s feedback. I took a break for about a year selling on Amazon. I was doing maybe $50 a month. Just enough to pay for my “Pro” account fees. But now I got back in full time and I see everyone’s feedback at 85% all the way to 49%. Wow! That is nuts. My feedback has always been at 99% but I expect that to change now.


If you get the item back in new condition with tags then refund in full. If you get the item back without tags then they have used it for an event as a free rental then you can charge a restocking fee up to 50% if the item is returned in unsaleable condition. Unfortunately some people will file an A to Z claim and/or negative feedback so you will have to fight this but you have a chance to win either by amazon.com funding or winning outright. Good Luck


Hashtag under #returnslikeneverbefore We have same issue. A lot of non-sense buyers on Amazon + scammers.


You can charge a restocking fee up to 20% on any return even if new. 50% if damaged etc.


This is TRUE!
I recently have an A-z case that the buyer claimed defective item, but returned a wrong item as the serial number was not correct. We provided complete solid proofs to Amazon. Amazon made first decision saying that I could issue a refund by deducting a up to 50% restocking fee and the shipping cost. I did it and also emailed to Amazon that this did not mean I should issue this refund, but I just did not want to waste more time and energy on this time-consuming case. Then Amazon made another decision (while the refund was pending) that I must issue a full refund. This made me angry. I cancelled the pending refund and decided to fight - I would not issue a cent. Sent the proofs again (and better documented, I think), then Amazon just closed the case and took full refund from my account.

Now I am considering if I should appeal or directly contact Jeff@Amazon.


Wow, I am so terrified selling on this site


Jeff@Amazon is just another waste of time. That email is nothing more then other customer service reps that are just as bad and steal your money just as quickly as the other service reps. Have sent multiple emails to Jeff@Amazon and they never even respond. most times. Amazon thinks this allowing their customers to steal from us honest sellers is just going to keep happening with no effect to their business. Really hope they are proven wrong sooner than later.


i have an answer for you , we are paying for return labels :grinning:


Amazon policies, including its return policies (which also apply to them), helped it become the world’s largest online retailer. And it’s still growing.

Whether and how it works for you is a personal decision.


I sell dog clothes and see about a 20% return/exchange rate (almost entirely based on fit). The best way you can de-incentivize frivolous returns is to charge a restocking fee on the changed my mind returns and don’t pay return shipping if you are offering free shipping out.


I guess we are facing the same problems here but i am tired of complaining while some annoying sellers here will keep defending amazon, well am already planning for life after amazon.


I don’t think any seller has won the A to Z claim before, never. Amazon favors the buyers than we seller.


It is easy to handle “changed my mind” returns, just apply restocking fees (and shipping costs).
For those returns buyer claimed defection and then returned a wrong item, it seems seller will NEVER win any A-to-z case. Buyer always got full refund, on some but very very rare cases, Amazon funded the refund, but the seller ODR is always affected.