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Has anyone found a solution to the issue most widely discussed back in April concerning Handmade Search results. As of this moment, my items are no longer searchable under the “all” drop down on Amazon’s search. My sales are down 60% over last year.

I can even put in my EXACT title and it doesn’t show up. Advertised listings aren’t showing up as sponsored products - nothing nada.

Customer Service - their copy and paste responses aren’t helping. Now I’m getting the “thank you for your patience as we continue to research this issue” e-mails every few days. No help, no explanation, nada.

So, I decided to send in a shipment for Prime, as we know that Amazon loves FBA. Guess what - they are not showing up either.

So, my guess is that Amazon is trying out something new which is affecting handmade. If that is the case, PLEASE TELL US SO WE DON’T WASTE OUR MONEY AND TIME ON FIXING SOMETHING THAT ISN’T BROKEN.

All (5) star reviews, 100% of performance metrics met, 0 A-Z claims, many very good rankings, and now NOTHING. No sales. The only sales I am getting are returning customers.

If anyone can help, I’d really appreciate it. I feel like I’m almost begging Amazon / these forums for help which is ridiculous. But Handmade sellers tend to be MOMS MAKING MONEY TO CARE FOR CHILDREN!!!

Any suggestions out there???


Where else do you sell your products? Do you own the remembermegifts dot com URL website? No you don’t, I looked. But is available to purchase on Host Gator for $9.95 a year. Buying that URL, you gain a real store, image hosting, email accounts, and more. Buy it today, and watch your business grow. It is rare to find a domain name that matches your Amazon account name. And the best part is, while you are building your site, you can have anyone who clicks on it, sent instantly to your amazon store. :train2:


Well, I do have a few websites and there is NO WAY I would redirect that traffic to Amazon. The website you referred to hasn’t been available for 10 years but I do own a few closely related.

My question is about Amazon, not selling elsewhere because that’s given. If anyone knows what’s going on with Handmade search, please let me know.

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