Getting Started Using Amazon's Merchant Fulfilled Network Shipping


We appreciate your continued commitment to customers during the COVID-19 crisis. The following content includes information from our team as well as best practices that we have heard from experienced sellers in our store to help you get started with Merchant Fulfilled Network (MFN) shipping.

Update your listings with an estimated delivery time and configure your shipping rates: Amazon provides an estimated delivery time to customers on the offer and checkout pages so buyers know when to expect an item they have ordered from you. We determine the estimated delivery time from the moment a customer places an order until that order is delivered, taking into consideration handling and transit times.

  • You can modify your handling time and transit time by following the instructions in the Manage your delivery time page.
  • Next, use Shipping Settings to set the default shipping service levels that you will use for orders you ship to buyers (for example, standard, expedited, or two day shipping).

How to fulfill an order: When using the MFN option, you are responsible for managing orders and shipping directly to customers. The Manage Orders page on Seller Central has step-by-step instructions for how to manage, fulfill, and ship your orders. Once a customer places an order, Amazon will send you a notification via email. If you prefer not to rely on email notifications, you can also check your Manage Orders page or Orders reports. Below are some responses to frequently asked questions:

  • How do I find the customer's delivery address? You can find the delivery address in one of the following locations: Order details page, an Orders report, or an Unshipped Orders report.
  • Why do I need to confirm shipment after Amazon sends me the notification? Confirming the shipment provides the customer with more information about their order, such as tracking information. In addition, if you do not confirm the shipment within 30 days of the order date, we will automatically cancel the order and will not charge the customer, even if you already shipped the order.
  • What if I need to contact the customer? You can communicate with customers using the Buyer-Seller Messaging Service, which lets you contact customers through Seller Central or your personal or business email. You should only contact customers to complete orders or respond to customer service questions. For more information, see the Buyer-Seller Messaging Service overview.

How to handle cancellations, returns, and refunds: If you are fulfilling your own orders, you will also be responsible for processing order cancellation requests, returns, and refunds.

  • Cancellations: You can cancel any unshipped items or orders from your Manage orders page when you determine you will not be able to fulfill the item or order. If you realize you are unable to fulfill any orders, you can place your account in vacation status or take additional steps to manage your inventory. For additional information on how to take these actions, see the following Help pages:
  • Returns: If you fulfill your own orders, you will be responsible for managing returns from buyers. For professional sellers, Amazon automatically authorizes returns that fall within Amazon's return policies. Amazon will only send you return requests when these are outside of our policy, or are exempt from prepaid returns. If a customer requests a return, Amazon will send you an email stating the reason for the return and we will inform you if the customer's request does not comply with our return policies. For more information on how to process return requests, see the following Help pages:
  • Refunds: There are two types of refunds:
    1. Returnless refund: You issue a refund and let the buyer keep the product.
    2. Standard refund: You issue a refund after you receive the product back. A refund is partial if it does not match the item price that the customer was charged. You may issue a partial refund and withhold a restocking fee or the return shipping cost depending on the return circumstances. For more information on the criteria for a partial refund, see the Refund Options page.

The Amazon A-to-z Guarantee protects customers when they purchase items that are sold and fulfilled directly by sellers. Amazon's guarantee covers both the timely delivery and the condition of items you sell. If customers are unsatisfied with either and cannot reach a resolution directly with you, we enable them to file a claim with Amazon 48 hours after they contact you.

Learn more about claim eligibility policies on the A-to-z Guarantee customer page. For more information on how to process A-to-z Guarantee claims, see the following Help pages:

You can monitor your performance using the Account Health page. The Account Health page provides an overview of your seller account's adherence to performance targets and other policies required to sell on Amazon. See the Monitor your account health page for more information on the metrics we monitor for MFN sellers, as well as target thresholds.

Note: Our policies surrounding the metrics have been adjusted due to COVID-19. Please continue to monitor your metrics and be on the lookout for updated guidance from Amazon. If you have trouble fulfilling any orders at this time, see our recent News stories for additional guidance.

Buyer requested cancel order but shipped DHL

After the delivery time was changed by amazon to one month, many customers came to ask me: Why? what happen? A large number of orders were cancelled. Sales are weakening day by day and can’t stand up in front of peers, but other peers’ delivery time did not happen such a ridiculous thing, and the orders were still in full swing. (And we and other peers use basically the same mode of shipment in USA)


Well, here we go again I am assuming MFN (Merchant Fulfilled Network) refers to all of us who do NOT have goods stored in AZ warehouses but ship them ourselves from our own warehouses. In that case I don’t really see anything new here…


Is this aimed at FBA only sellers who’ve never shipped direct to a customer?


When will AZ present better information about their customers NOT ACCEPTING emails? It’s not until after we send an email that we learn of being blocked. So now we have to go back and try to figure out how to send the email again… How about a adding this info so we stop wasting time trying to communicate and cannot???


AZ should not teach us how to ship, but should restore FBA as soon as possible. This is a very big impact for Amazon sellers this time. Many sellers turned to other platforms because they could not send FBA. Because they have no money to pay for electricity. . . . .


It would be nice if Amazon would amend or drop the penalty for sellers (namely A-z Claims for late or delayed deliveries) and use some flexibility for these difficult times. USPS is getting really bad with their delivered. They are much slower right now and seem to “lose” more packages, and the claim it is harder now with adjustments for the Virus. However, the seller is still being held responsible for USPS errors and delays. I lost an A-Z claim due to USPS negligence. They sent a package from WA to AK instead of to the buyer in WA state. I lost the case, but USPS made the mistake. This is really not fair to the seller.
Also, it seems like there are Amazon program issues popping up recently, especially when it comes to refunds for buyers, but in other areas also. This “flexibility” should go both ways, for Amazon, but also with sellers!


There are several threads going where sellers have purchased USPS shipping through Amazon and shipped on time, but the item still shows in transit past the last estimated delivery date. While some of these claims are being funded by Amazon, as they should be under the Buy Shipping guarantee, many are not. Sellers are having to appeal these claims and in some cases the decision is being reversed, but not always. It would be helpful if Amazon could confirm the Buy Shipping guarantee applies in these instances and apply it consistently.