Amazon is notifying all customers that purchased the following hand sanitizers (https://www.fda.gov/drugs/drug-safety-and-availability/fda-updates-hand-sanitizers-methanol) that they are entitled to a refund.

Does anyone know if Amazon is covering the refund or will sellers have to pay up?

The link above shows affected brands per the FDA. Here’s a sample email of what Amazon is sending to all customers that made hand sanitizer purchases…

Dear Amazon Customer,

We have learned of a potential safety issue that may impact your Amazon purchase(s) below:
(3 Pack) Assured Hand Sanitizer with Aloe Vera and Moisturizers
02/29/2020 - XXXX- (3 Pack) XXX Aloe Vera and Moisturizers

More details, including how to determine if your purchase is impacted and what you should do next can be found in the following notification:
[link removed]

If you made this purchase for someone else, please notify the recipient immediately and provide them with the information.

If you believe your purchase is impacted and would like a refund, please contact Amazon Customer Service at https://www.amazon.com/contact-us/.

Customer Service

Please note: this e-mail was sent from a notification-only address that cannot accept incoming e-mail. Please do not reply to this message. Please be aware that links contained in this message may not be owned by Amazon.

Application to sell topical products (hand sanitizer) keeps getting denied

What’s the ASIN?
Which item is this?


Its a ton of ASINS but Assured Brand is one of them!


I’m in the same boat? How am I responsible for the product? I am merely a distributor! This is an issue with the brand not third party amazon sellers!


I am not sure but I believe that if it is a brand which you marketed and sold on Amazon, then the buyer would be entitled to a refund. I then believe that it would be up to you to contact your distributor of a refund.


If you sold it- you refund the buyer that paid you.

Then you look for your refund from the person who sold it to you.


@discountdealsnyc, these refunds are typically funded from the 3P Seller, using unavailable balances or even withholding additional incoming sales proceeds.

If I’m remembering correctly, these sanitizers have been found to contain methanol or were produced in the same facilities as those found to contain methanol. All 55 products on the FDA list were produced in Mexico.

It would be far better to be “stuck” refunding customers than sued by customers for damages, IMO. Again, you have cause to demand reimbursement from your suppliers or the manufacturers, though without legal intervention, remuneration might be unlikely, I’m afraid.


I seller fulfilled the item and offer returns for 1 month (as is typical with amazon seller) during that time this product was good with the fda. If the item had been recalled in that time period I would be understand covering the item with a refund. If buyers have an issue with the product they need to go to the manufacturer.


I was just thinking the same thing


I do not believe that you assumptions are correct. You may want to consult with a lawyer.


How can i be forced / expected to refund a buyer on a item that I Sold Over 4 months ago . That the buyer has already used up the product and the empty bottle thrown it the trash months ago ???


Consult with a lawyer.


Agreed, the email instruction from amazon states to contact them directly “If you believe your purchase is impacted and would like a refund, please contact Amazon Customer Service at https://www.amazon.com/contact-us/ .”

Why would Amazon blindly obligate sellers to refund customers 4 months later without any notices unless they intended on covering the refund?!


You as the seller sold it, You as the seller pay for it.

It is then up to you to get paid from whoever sold it to you. Most wholesalers will do this no problem.


That’s not how recalls work normally, and it’s not customer centric, Amazon Rule #1


So if I bought a bag of chips at the store 4 months ago . Eat them , crapped them out and threw away the bag . How can I get a refund without the item in hand to prove/ identify it was the one being recalled … because my bag of chips , might of not been one of the bad bags.

Or if I bought my child a backpack last year and she used it up and thrown it away because she needed a new one then found out The old was was trashed then they recalled it .


You don’t understand how this works and the law.

Familiar with the talcum powder class action?

You pay the refund, to reduce your liability. There is no timeframe.


If these are being recalled because they contain methanol, just be seriously thrilled that the people that bought your sanitizer are being notified by Amazon. Methanol can be lethally toxic (with serious chronic symptoms, including blindness and reduced brain function if not lethal), especially in children, through ingestion and dermal exposure. If someone dies or becomes ill, etc. you could be looking at huge fines and even jail, plus punitive damages to the victim(s) or their family(ies).

You are responsible for the full cost of the recall, Amazon will initially fund the entire cost and start recouping their expenses with your account balance, but you might as well get in touch with them and start making payment arrangements, because they will be coming after you for the full amount. And it is cheaper to pay now than to go to court.

Also, you should notify any insurance companies that insure you about the situation and advice them as you are required to and to determine what there coverage is for this and which insurer is the primary. They will also help cover most of your legal costs in civil (not criminal) court, if you work with them in accordance with your policy.


The recall is the seller’s responsibility. You will be responsible for the refund(s). Then it will be up to you to get your money back from your distributor/manufacturer.

I get weekly recall reports and yes there is a mass recall of hand sanitizers because they contain toxic chemicals.


That is not how it works.

If we sell something to Walmart and Walmart then sells it to the consumer, when the product is recalled, the consumer can take it back to Walmart. Walmart then comes back to us to recoup the cost.

If your item is FBA expect to lose your inventory as well. Recalled product will be destroyed not returned.