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For an FBA product, what is the difference between “Available” quantity and “Reserved” quantity? For example , if I sent 50 units to a fulfillment center and they confirmed receipt of 50, under manage inventory it says “5” units are available and “45” are “Reserved”. If you browse my product on Amazon, it say “Only 5 left in stock”. Trying to understand what happens when the “5” are sold and what the deal is with the “reserved” inventory.


If you just recently sent them in, they are likely in FC Transfer status meaning they take some of the units and send them to fulfillment centers around the country to save on shipping when they are eventually sold.

You can go to https://sellercentral.amazon.com/gp/help/help.html/?itemID=G201723860&ref_=xx_G201723860_a_r0_cont_sgsearch and type in the ASIN it will tell you why they are reserved. If they are simply in transfer status then when the 5 available sell out, there will be a “back in stock” date on the listing. It will still allow customers to purchase them but they won’t ship out until they are available.


Thanks for the link. I used the link you provided and determined they are, in fact, in “Transit” to other fulfilment centers. Appreciate the response.


Great question @willow_indust! During the last winter rush, I had anissue of too items held in “Reserved Quantity”. It turned out that there were malicious bots placing orders on bad credit cards. Amazon policy will try again up to 7 days out and they hold the right to hold it in “Reserved Quantity” for that purchase for up to 20 days!

Ya, needless to say this tied up my inventory and prevented a lot of sales. I spent a lot of time on the phone with Amazon and having them remove fake orders.

However, MOST of the time, “Reserved Quantity” means the item you shipped is in transit (between warehouses). But I would keep an eye on this throughout the year and know what’s normal for you.

Hope this helps!

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