FBA Inventory Limitations are BACK


Just got the notification and now our limits have been slashed by 40%. Our IPI is fine as well.

Removing Global Accounts
Amazon dropped storage limit drastically

Didn’t get anything from Amazon.
Nothing obviously changed, still have plenty capacity for units and no space limit based on IPI.
Maybe they are preparing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday now that’s why you see a drop in units limit.
Hope you have enough space for upcoming holiday seasons.

And hey, I’m really happy to see another fellow Chinese seller sharing other than asking, really rare.


I love how right before the holidays each year they slash limits, then increase then dramatically after.

Somehow, this is supposed to “enable all sellers to be able to send sufficient inventory to meet future customer demand” but instead actually just prevent it as it actually makes it harder as it is ass backwards.


Yeah, almost exactly 40% Slashed as well. IPI: 449
I have to say though… the inventory limit slashing was more extreme last year.


:musical_score: It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere…


FC space is being reduced by sublets and other money saving initiatives.

My Amazon orders are arriving via carriers other than Amazon Logistics, from further locations.

It is the beginning of a new normal, and these limits are logically aimed at the same goal - cost reduction.


My inventory was slashed by half overnight as well. We barely had enough for the holiday season and now we definitely don’t. What is going on?!

Our IPI score is 670+


The inventory levels till yesterday were unrealistic and too generous…
My limit is cut by over 50%…
So what ?
Now I utilize 10% of my storage…in the best case I may double it.
The issue is not by how much amazon cut our storage, but really how much do we need for 3-4 months.
As of today…my days in inventory is 25 days…why should I need more storage?


Yeah but for some sellers who are VERY seasonal, the forecasting that Amazon did is likely very inaccurate (as in my situation).


@alm Could be, and this was a problem last year.
When we are aware of the situation, we can prepare better.
Just few examples…
The limits change as you sell… be ready to ship smaller shipments frequently.
List each item both as FBA and FBM.
The FBM will serve for FBA items that are out of stock.
You can look for 3rd party fulfilment centers.


It would be nice if Amazon would actually notify us of these changes beforehand. That way we don’t go sending in inventory we don’t absolutely have to, now preventing us from sending inventory we actually need to. For those that will say well then everyone will just send in a whole set of inventory at once, Amazon could easily solve that problem by charging exorbitant prices for storage that’s over the limit.


I got an email saying they were cutting everybody down to 4 months worth of inventory.


We want to ensure that we can receive, store, and fulfill products in a timely manner for all sellers using FBA. One of the ways we do this is through restock limits that enable all sellers to be able to send sufficient inventory to meet future customer demand.

As we prepare for the busy holiday season, those demand patterns naturally change. To ensure a successful holiday season, including accounting for seasonality and scheduled deals, we are updating our restock limits to allow all sellers to have at least four months of inventory in FBA. While all sellers using FBA will see their limits updated, this updated limit will currently restrict about 5% of sellers using FBA from being able to restock additional products due to their already having high levels of inventory.

Our records show that your current inventory levels (including open shipments) are within our projected four months of inventory limit, and so these limits should not have an impact on your current ability to restock products. As always, you can review your current restock limits and maximum shipment quantity on the Inventory Performance dashboard (https://sellercentral.amazon.com/inventory-performance/dashboard).

Your restock limits are determined by a range of factors, including seasonal and peak selling periods for your products, forecasts for your ASINs, the new selection you carry, deals you have scheduled and fulfillment center capacity. For more information on restock limits, go to Restock limits by storage type: Frequently asked questions (https://sellercentral.amazon.com/gp/help/external/GUWWC8QVAF8TFVFR).

You can create more room for products within your limits by selling through your inventory, creating removal orders for products that are unlikely to sell, or canceling non-urgent shipments to fulfillment centers. For more recommendations, go to FBA Inventory (https://sellercentral.amazon.com/inventoryplanning/manageinventoryhealth).

We thank you for choosing to sell on Amazon and for all you do to provide an excellent experience for customers by maintaining healthy levels of inventory.

The Fulfillment by Amazon team


Mine just went from 120,000 units to 40,000. A 66% decrease. Our IPI is 712. Thank God I put in my holiday orders last week, but now I’m over my limit by more than double.


This is terrible. We usually sell 6 months of inventory in Nov and December. By the time the limits rise, it would be too late to send new inventory. At the same time, Amazon wants all the holiday inventory at the FC by Nov 2nd. This is a setup to fail.


Fellow jewelry seller here, mine also went down by more than half. :confused:


message i received stated no changes for me.




I think that just means you aren’t exceeding the new limit and so can still send in inventory, but your limit still decreased or at least mine did.


from an email
Our records show that your current inventory levels (including open shipments) are within our projected four months of inventory limit, and so these limits should not have an impact on your current ability to restock products


“We reduced your restocking limits, but our calculations show that it should not cause you problems.”