Express Payout, free Veeqo software and more announced at Amazon Accelerate Day 2


Today at Amazon Accelerate, we welcomed thousands of sellers in person, and virtually, for the second and final jam-packed day of announcements, networking, and inspiring seller stories.

Major updates from Day 2 at Amazon Accelerate include:

  • Express Payout: To help get your earnings to you faster, eligible U.S. sellers can now receive bank deposits within 24 hours (instead of three to five business days) with Express Payout. The service is supported by hundreds of banks and credit unions and will be free until September 2023. For more information, and to find out if you’re eligible, go to Deposit Methods.
  • Veeqo: We’ve announced the U.S. launch of Veeqo: a multi-channel shipping software built to simplify fast-growth ecommerce. Acquired by Amazon earlier this year, Veeqo helps you increase the speed of fulfilling customer orders and cut shipping costs with access to discounted rates on UPS, U.S. Postal Service, DHL, and FedEx. Previously priced at an average cost of $450 per month, Veeqo is now free for all sellers. If you ship via Veeqo, you’ll only pay for your chosen carrier labels with no monthly fees.
  • Customer Reviews Insight: Available now, Customer Reviews Insight, an enhancement to the popular Product Opportunity Explorer, offers rich, accurate data to help you gauge, and evaluate product opportunities in Amazon’s store. The tool helps you understand what product features customers like or don’t like, and which aspects of product features impact star ratings. To find out more, go to
  • FBA Dashboard: We’ve launched a new FBA Dashboard with a consolidated view of your most critical inventory management pages including Sales, Shipments and Inventory, as well as Growth Opportunities. The dashboard’s centralized navigation makes it easier to navigate between pages, prioritize tasks, and act on recommendations to optimize your business.
  • Manage Your Experiments (MYE): We’ve announced several new MYE features to make the tool more efficient and effective. By the end of September 2022, brands will be able to A/B test bullet points and product descriptions to optimize even more content within a product listing, and complete experiments faster with the option to “test to significance” (based upon interaction with listings) instead of a specific time frame. To find out more, go to

If you missed Amazon Accelerate, or would like to revisit any of the content, you can catch up on all of our keynote and breakouts sessions in our OnDemand Library (log in or register to view).

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Faster payment

These… actually look like good things? I mean it doesn’t make up for the pricing alert bot losing it’s mind at the same time Amazon is getting sued by state DA’s for price fixing but still it’s nice.

So any idea why someone living in the US with a bank in the list wouldn’t be able to select it as an option?


Hey Amazon moderators!

On the following page, “FBA Dashboard” is linked to which is an internal corporate website. Fix it


I know it will not be answered, but I will ask the Amazon News Cloud anyway.

This Veeqo (which seems to be a Shipstation, Pirateship, etc alternative) - OWNED BY AMAZON.

Does it have the same protection / guarantees Amazon offers with Buy Shipping on Amazon, or not?

It is free, so that is good news. But there is an asterisk on the Veeqo site that says YOU MUST use them for the bulk of your shipping or they will charge you. They conveniently do not tell you the cost !! or is it that you are locked out?

I guess it is TRULY Amazon owned, hence the ambiguous warning and no mention of the guarantee.

Maybe management simply wants to damage the competition. They figure that they can capture a certain segment of the shipping market they do not have, and not pay claims that they offer within Buy shipping.


We have to pay to get our money in a timely manner? That is a big nope.

  • Express Payout: To help get your earnings to you faster, eligible U.S. sellers can now receive bank deposits within 24 hours (instead of three to five business days) with Express Payout . The service is supported by hundreds of banks and credit unions and will be free until September 2023. For more information, and to find out if you’re eligible, go to Deposit Methods .


Yeah I went to the terms and conditions. It says .50cents per payment

" Fees

Any applicable fees will be disclosed to You before You activate the Service. State and local taxes may apply.

Once You are enrolled in Express Payout, Amazon will send advanced written notice to You regarding any changes in fees."


I’m in, Its free for a year and then only 50 cents per disbursement. There have been a few occassions where the ACH was delayed due to weekend or holiday.



Were you able to click save? It gave me an error message

“You do not have permissions to update payout service on the deposit method”


Yeah I just got the same error. I double checked to make sure I was in the right “user” and verified that I am…must be some error rolling out the new system…


Maybe I made a mistake…
I enrolled and received an email that amazon holds disbursement for 3 days after banks details were changed…
My next disbursement is scheduled for this Sunday.
I don’t know if I will be affected or no.
Just be cautious and enroll after your disbursement.


Did you change your bank acvcount data?

I just attempted to manage another setting in deposit methods and I got the same error again. Im sure it will go away shortly


No, just clicked to enroll.





Maybe you are not eligible.


The front page states “Ship your Amazon orders using on time and Amazon will protect you against A-Z carrier claims related to late delivery and negative feedback”


Veeqo sounds like an amazing software suite, but the sales pitch of “totally free! just read the fine print” is a bit off putting.

They require you to purchase shipping labels for the majority of your orders through their software. If you do not, they will charge you.
How much? they do not say.

Their pricing page states “There aren’t any hidden fees and we’re going to tell you why.” yet quietly links you to their ‘fair usage policy’ which explains why this won’t be free, but again, no indication of pricing.


I am assuming that this is still AFTER the post-delivery delay that is part of Account Level Reserve for potential refunds/chargebacks/etc for EVERY sale.
What would be helpful, is if only a reasonably SMALL PERCENTAGE of sales were held in reserve.
I understand Amazon needing to protect against fraudulent new sellers, but after demonstrating for hundreds of orders (or period of time) that you’re not, it would be appropriate to trust your selling “partner” to provide the service and not hold all funds. Even a 25% reserve rate (much higher than actual return rate) would be better than the current 100%.

Additionally, the fact that Amazon takes their cut immediately is hypocritically frustrating. Funds that would be available for disbursement being used to reserve the amount of the next sale’s Amazon fee hinders cash flow.


For the “Express Payout” Does this mean the cash is released to your bank account daily or is it still on a 2-week schedule but the transaction happens a little faster?


A little faster…


If we buy shipping through this software, which is owned by Amazon, do we still get the buy shipping protection?