Denied from Brand Registry 2.0 with multiple trademarks - next steps?


We’re a manufacturer that sells our products (skis and snowboards) direct to consumer, including via FBM on Amazon. We were part of the original Brand Registry, mainly so we didn’t have to buy UPCs for our products.

The problem is that our company name is the founder’s surname. So we have two trademarks:

  1. A standard character mark of the name - granted on the Supplemental Register

  2. A design mark for the logo (a stylized Greek letter) - granted on the Principal Register

Here’s Amazon’s response when we tried to create our BR 2.0 registration:

Greetings from Amazon Brand Registry Support,

Brand Name: ******

We’re unable to approve your application for the Amazon Brand Registry for the following reason (s):

  • Trademark in on the Supplemental Register:

Your Trademark is currently on the Supplemental Register with the agency listed in your application. Re-apply once your Trademark is registered on the Principal Register.

If you did not apply for Amazon Brand Registry, contact us at immediately.

For any other questions, create a new case:

Contact us:

The design mark would be the valid trademark then, but because it’s just the logo with no name, it doesn’t match what we call the brand. It takes several years for a trademark to get onto the Principal Register via use, so that’s not an option if we want to be able to list new products and variations on Amazon. Has anyone here faced a similar problem?


I think you have to provide Amazon with Registeation number for option #2. It seems they looked over information for option#1,

Option #2 should have all information related to your brand such as address, company, etc. if it will not be enough for Amazon, you can get your Tredemark amended with extra information just to show it is related to your brand via public record,


Yes. My business name was principally a surname and could only be trademarked on the supplemental register. The brand registry won’t accept a trademark on the supplemental register, nor a design mark/stylized logo, so I ended up changing my business name and branding to satisfy these requirements. I was in need of substantial rebranding anyhow, so really this obstacle is just what I needed to stop dragging my feet—but, yes, if you want to join the brand registry, Amazon really does expect you make fundamental changes to your business to satisfy their criteria.

If you just want the GTIN exemption, you can apply for one here. My experience is that, as a brand owner with a website, they’ll accept your application within 24 hours. You’ll need to reapply every few months, but it’s currently a low-hassle process. I can’t say how well supplemental trademarks or design marks hold up against inauthentic claims, should you receive one.

Basically those are your choices.

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