Customers are losing it with all USPS delays


I’m getting so many emails asking me to move the packages faster. I shop my packages at the same day as the order or next day but USPShas been gone crazy! Most of my packages are stock at USPS facilities and are delayed! Priority mail from NYC to Brooklyn was delivered after 10 days!!! First class are moving from one place to another. Custemers are made !

Ontime Delivery Rate? Slow USPS Service Destroying Your Rating?

I’m seeing the same thing.
I ship from a small town, that typically sees 3 or 4 pkgs per week.
I shipped 204 pkgs on Tuesday!
USPS is burred with deliveries, but I will say the workers are expressing lots of gratitude for the business. Not something I ever get from my UPS driver!


Simply respond professionally and calmly:

  • You understand their frustration (and @boink mentions below, appreciate their patience)
  • The date you shipped the item
  • The tracking number
  • Let them know that if they text 28777 (2USPS) with the tracking number as the message, USPS will reply with the latest tracking information
  • Additionally, if they enter the tracking number into the USPS website, they can sign up for text OR email alerts regarding tracking that package.
  • Remind them to contact you immediately and directly if there are any issues with the product upon delivery.

Unfortunately, at this time of year, unless they upgraded their shipping, there’s not much to be done except wait patiently.


When buyers ask me the same, I ask them why they did not select the expedited shipping option. I also state that we normally ship the same day and if they want First Class Mail received faster then they should contact USPS and not us.


I see a difference in USPS scanning which makes everything seem to be moving slower.

Dec 13 1:12 PM Jersey City Nj Network Distribution Center Arrived at USPS regional origin facility
Dec 13 11:57 AM West Newfield, ME, United States Accepted at USPS origin facility
Dec 11 2:34 PM West Newfield, ME, United States Shipment received, package acceptance pending
Dec 11 12:00 AM Pre-Shipment info sent to USPS, USPS awaiting item

The Acceptance Scan is being done in Jersey City Not the originating PO.

This was media mail.

Same results but different sorting centers for FCM and Priority.


I have seen packages delayed a couple days and the tracking just says its still moving to the next location for 2 days.

My postal carrier delivering to my house forged my signature on a signature required delivery and didn’t even knock or ring the bell.


A calm, polite response is all you can do.

Make sure the USPS is the target of the frustration.

Enter a missing mail search on their behalf and tell them you did so.

Ask them to be patient because after all, it 'tis the season.

If appropriate, relate your own story of how slow delivery was to you, commiserate. We are all in this together.


Do you realize that Priority is indeed expedited option but now it is often as slow as First class?


yeah, slow as a molases. this shop closes on sunday night for the rest of the year. not dealing with “arrived too late” horse****


I had a Priority from Florida to Tennessee take nine days - normally that customer gets my Priority shipments in two days. This is getting beyond ridiculous!


Yeah I had one accuse me of moving the date… USPS routed to the wrong part of the country took 10 days to reach the proper place. Of course it was all my fault and the customer never read any of the messages I sent. Including the one about shipping out a free replacement.

So they left bad feedback and wanted the item for free when it did arrive.


if shipped with amazon label have the feedback removed per policy. make sure you include ALL words below this line and usually a bot will take care of it. If not keep responding with the same:

“Negative Customer Feedback: If you ship on time with tracking via Buy Shipping, and the buyer leaves seller feedback solely related to delayed or undelivered packages, you can request to have the feedback reviewed. If approved, the impact of the feedback is removed from your Order Defect Rate, and the buyer’s comment will display with a strike-through and the statement: The fulfillment issues associated with this order were not due to the seller.”


You have chance at feedback removal as your customer tried to extort item for free.


I wish late delivery was the only complaint I was dealing with! The amount of “delivered but not received” complaints or “stolen” or “open with empty package” complaints is rising too much as well. How are you all dealing these complaints?


All the temporary hires seem to be messing up more than normal this year for outgoing packages. Very few packages are arriving on the expected delivery date. Normally one or two packages lose their way but eventually arrive. This year is very different. Evidently the “pool” of holiday hires are only good at working on their phone and anything requiring eye contact and a body response is beyond their capabilities.


The USPS delays are definitely tough for us too. I don’t remember them being so delayed in years past. I talked with my postal worker yesterday as he was scanning our packages and he said he worked 72 hours last week and even had a day off! The USPS drivers have been out until 8 and 9pm in my area just trying to stay above water. I’ve been trying to keep customers calm and assuring them the packages are on their way. We are also trying to ship as much as we can same day to help get the packages moving a little faster. It’s just crazy.


I’ll tell you for a seller and a buyer standpoint that it is crazy at usps. As a buyer I ordered a gift for my son on ebay. The seller is in NY. I am in NY. It was shipped 12/7. I should have had it by now right? WRONG! The box got misdirected and went from NY to TN!!! I need this gift for Christmas. I am having my friendly post master try to intercept it for me as we speak.


same policy, tell them to file an AZ claim, it will not go against your metrics and amazon will pay:

“A-to-z Guarantee claims: If you purchase Amazon’s Buy Shipping and ship on time, you are protected against claims where a customer reports problems with delivery. Amazon will cover the cost of these claims and they will not affect your Order Defect Rate.”


It’s been a nightmare and negative feedback is flying.
Most are delivered on time, but buyers are thinking these are PRIME and expecting delivery in 2 days.
The number of emails are insane.
Thought it was something we had done wrong (knew we had an issue with bar codes not properly scanning
so we replaced all printing equipment) until I tracked a few yesterday to see them sitting in distribution centers
for 3 days.
The other issue is those scanning DELIVERED and being told they’ve not arrived.
Tis the Season, as they say.


IF you ship via amazon “buy shipping” your protected against INR and bad feedback due to delivery. just gotta keep hammering amazon until they cave if they dont immediately apply/abide by their policy. hate to sound like a broken record but i was able to fix all the issues (eventually)