COVID-19 Supplies


As part of our continued response to COVID-19, Amazon is prioritizing the supply of key medical supplies to hospitals and government organizations.

You may have offers on one or more products (ASINs) that will now be available exclusively to hospitals and government organizations, which are in urgent need of high-demand medical products like N95 masks, surgical masks, facial shields, surgical gowns, surgical gloves, and large-volume sanitizers. Select ASINs of these product types will no longer be available to the broader public on and

For ASINs subject to this change, we have eliminated our standard referral fees through June 30, 2020, to encourage our selling partners to make additional inventory of these products available at competitive prices to these customers with the greatest need.

For more information about these changes, including a list of impacted ASINs, visit COVID-19 Supplies. To request approval to sell these products, visit:


That’s cool for those suppliers. Patiently waiting until you allow books to be sent in again.


As I am too, but I cannot blame them. Books are not a priority, especially if it’s used, and Amazon sells said book new.


While I understand what Amazon is doing and I agree masks are more of a priority…I have reread the 40 or so books I have in my house while I’m on lock down and I would love to be able to get some new books. TV sucks.


A couple weeks late, but better late than never.
I recommended this back in mid-March.


I can get a container of masks from my supplier. You are telling me that we are going to be able to sell on Amazon. Amazon was shutting down sellers for selling masks, so what is it.
Dont want to sit on a container of masks


From reason magazine:

According to The New York Times , the CDC is mulling changes to its guidelines for who should be wearing face masks due to evidence that the COVID-19 outbreak is being spread largely by people lacking symptoms of the disease. There is also mounting circumstantial evidence that countries where mask-wearing is more of a cultural norm have had greater success in containing the disease’s spread.

But there’s one big problem with all of that: a shortage of medical-grade N95 face masks.

And one of the reasons why America is facing a face mask shortage is the CDC itself. Hospitals are only allowed to purchase masks from suppliers certified by both the CDC and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)—though they can accept donations from any source (more on that in a moment). Many foreign companies that make face masks lack those certifications, which limits the imported supply available to meet America’s rising demand.

Even suppliers who are certified to sell masks to Americans have to navigate a weeks-long bureaucratic process before orders can be fulfilled. Suppliers who aren’t certified by those federal agencies can’t legally bring their products into the United States. That means supplies of KN95 masks—a Chinese certification for face masks that 3M Corporation’s personal safety division says are “reasonable to consider….as equivalent” to N95 masks—can’t be imported legally.

More - with lots of links that I can’t copy here - is on the front page of reason dot com.


Why can’t you buy books? This has nothing to do with them.


So buy what you want from FBM rather than FBA. There are boatloads of people who’s inventory is not stored by Amazon.


Not sure with the last part as my supplies are kn95 they get checked by fda and department of agriculture prior to custom release. And I been receiving my shipment since February here in the United States. I have my factories certificate including FDA certificate. FDA does certify certain company/factory that produces kn95. I mean I always received my shipments so I’m guessing it might be just a case of wether or not your factory/supplier has ce & fda certification.


Please review the notice again…

You can’t just sell them because you can get them. You have to be vetted and approved. They don’t want any joe or jenny (and not suggesting you are one) to sell any masks that does not comply with the need / quality / compliance they are wanting for this program.

You need to go thru the process and request approval.


Amazon does not get to pick and choose what I send in.


Maybe contacting local government or hospitals and see if you can sell them directly at a discount if you have the proper paperwork?

Consider donating them?


Yes. Yes they do


Anyone can get a container of masks. Problem is they might be seized at the border if they’re the KN95 and don’t have proper documentation. US still not allowing KN95 masks into the country buzzfeednews: kenbensinger/coronavirus-kn95-masks-us-wont-import-china

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I have had about 20 offers from wholesale companies to sell things like masks and hand sanitizers, but amazon will not allow me to create a new listings. So whats the point?


Guess again.


Hello , Can i sell masks at this time ?


If i sell masks , it have to be for hospital and government organizations only ?


:joy: Who gets to decide what is put in Amazon warehouses?