Changes to shipping charge corrections for seller-fulfilled returns


Starting January 14, sellers will be responsible for any carrier shipping correction charges on customer returns of seller-fulfilled orders caused by incorrect return label information.

Carriers may issue shipping correction charges after a shipping label has been purchased. This can happen when the dimensions or weight do not match the values you provided, or when your return address is invalid. Return shipping corrections can result in a positive or negative credit depending on whether you over or under paid.

We have previously absorbed these charges, but in line with industry standards, sellers will soon be responsible for shipping corrections for seller-fulfilled returns.

From January 14, your account will be charged, or credited, if:

  • The dimensions, weight, or both, of your product return are incorrect: If the product returned by the customer has physical attributes that do not match your product listing or outbound shipping, you will be charged or credited for the difference in cost between the label you paid for and the correct label cost.
  • Your return address is incorrect or invalid: If your return address is undeliverable, the carrier will charge a $18 fee for every package that could not be returned. Your return address must be in the same country as the store you sell in, and must accept return packages.

If any of your ASINs receive a shipping correction charge due to incorrect product attributes, return address, or both, you will receive a monthly email notification with a detailed report. If you do not receive an email, you did not incur any shipping correction charges.

To avoid these charges, make sure your products’ dimensions, weight, and return address are listed correctly in Seller Central.

To update your return address, go to Return Settings.

To learn more about this change, or to get help adjusting your dimensions or weight, go to Shipping correction charges for seller-fulfilled returns.

Could you PLEASE stop providing new and improved tools for bad actors to wreak havoc on other sellers
UPS is terrible at auditing and will overcharge all of us
A new sectional for $70 and a new refrigerator for $89... what a deal :)
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Could you PLEASE stop providing new and improved tools for bad actors to wreak havoc on other sellers
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How can I ensure that the buyers will not return my small items in an oversize box ?


Speaking of shipping charges, why was I just charged a shipping charge to return a fashion item to a seller who fulfills their own orders? I assumed because we pay on all fashion item returns that Amazon isn’t charging the customer for return shipping. How bizarre!


So another tool for bad actors. Order a product. Get a free return. Repack it in a box 10xs bigger. Seller is out the product, the shipping, the fees, the return fees, and the extra return fees. Is there anything else Amazon can do to screw sellers more than they have? They’ve gotta be running out of ideas at this point!


This literally just happened to me 2 days ago. Amazons answer will be that its your customer you just have to pay. It’s only their customer when it benefits them.

Product dimensions/weight warning

What about when a customer returns the wrong item. Instead of a door handle they return a massive bumper cover in a box. Now I have to pay for that wrong item and the oversize charges for the wrong item???






Lovely. Another way for Amazon to cater to scammers, and screw over sellers.


Yeah right. Amazon will never do us a favor.


this is not going to fly, whats to say the customer is going to use the same packaging and not a larger package? We all have to get off this platform and fast, amazon is just doing everything they can to push us out, this is another scam going into place.


Customers often return products in different packaging. I have never received a return in packaging anywhere as good as what I used. Just wait for the charges to start rolling in.


So maybe the solution to this is to TRIPLE your dimensions, and weight for all FBM products, (works best if you do not use BUY SHIPPING), as one may need to make an adjustment each time, while on ShipStation (at least), you can modify the weight for each item within the SS database, and by-pass the bogus weights altogether


Came here to see how the forums would respond to this, was not disappointed.


Oh there’s some colorful language I want to use to respond to this idiocy by Amazon. Because I have total control over how the buyer returns the item :upside_down_face:


If that is my customer , i would have dump IT a long time ago.


I sent out a 9X5X3 package less than a lb and recieved a 60 X 40 X 10 box in as a return (wrong item obviously was returned). I GUESS THATS MY FAULT WHEN THAT HAPPENS NOW


Trash policy change....


Most if my amazon items over 1lb ship flat rate. If I stuff a 15lb item in a regional a box that cost me $8 to send out, I shouldnt have to pay $20 via ups because now the go via weight.


Because Amazon is too :chicken: to loose a single bad customer they had.

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