Can no longer use First Class Mail for SFP orders


Changes to USPS First Class Package Service® for Seller Fulfilled Prime orders
Apr 26, 2018
Starting May 1, 2018, USPS First Class Package Service® ship method will no longer be available in Buy Shipping Services for Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) Premium orders (One-day and Two-day orders). You can still use USPS First Class Package Service® to ship your standard SFP orders.

We are taking this action to maintain the Prime delivery promise to our customers. We will continue to work with USPS to ensure that First Class Package Service® can meet the Prime delivery promise, and we will notify you when it is available again for SFP premium orders.

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I’m very concerned about how this will effect my business. I guess I need to consider FBA


This is why I never signed up for SFP. Years of using 1st class indicated it wouldn’t measure up to the standard. Hindsight- good decision.


This is a potential disaster for us. It’s key to our business to squeeze a modest profit on smaller orders. Not in a position to raise prices to offset higher shipping costs, unfortunately.


Amazon wants to be the low price leader but also wants fast shipping. They do not go hand in hand. First class mail might not always make it on time but it is usually fast enough and pretty reliable we have found.


priority express is the only successful way to deliver sfp orders on time anyways lol


The majority of Handmade Amazon vendors will no longer be able to use any Prime in my opinion. Our profit margins are so low now - competing against internationl cheap goods. An example is a product I sell for $40 and if it sells 2nd Day it costs me over 50% of my selling price for Second Day Shipping. Why isn’t Amazon taking up some of the cost if they are demanding it? Prime is not for me.


Agree. Have the feeling they will get rid of priority mail as well for SPF order soon. Guaranteed priority express is the only way to go which is going to kill SFP for 3rd party sellers.


I’ll bet anyone $1.00 that Amazon themselves continue to use USPS First Class on their prime shipments. I receive items “sold and shipped by Amazon” by USPS first class all the time.


Sad, It was going so well for us. We have not had one single First Class Package arrive late in many hundreds of shipments. It is as much about timing and knowing when not to use it as it is the service.

We did have one Priority Package arrive 2 days late. That was the only late shipment we have ever had. That was in FL and we often see issues with the USPS in that state.

Let’s hope this slaps the USPS up side the head, while we will not say how much here, our shipments through USPS have increased significantly since offering SFP.


I don’t use SFP any more than I would use FBA. I put some thought into the SFP some years back and what I realized is that to be able to take advantage of Prime, people pay $99 or whatever the price is these days to Amazon and so Amazon has that money in its kitty toward postage. However, 3P sellers trying to do SFP don’t get anything from that $99 kitty toward their postage for these packages. Doesn’t make math sense in my mind.


This really blows. FIrst Class for SFP really worked out well for us. As someone else mentioned, it wouldn’t work all the time but if you knew when to use it it was great. My Premium shipping metrics never suffered with it and to this day remain well above what Amazon requires.

Maybe Amazon will be more persmissive where it allows Priority for SFP instead but I kind of doubt that.


I actually think this is a good move (long term), but it stinks as an sfp seller.

The reason I say this is USPS has been pulling away from the 1-3 day delivery “estimates” for Priority and First Class. First Class is now a 2-5 day service and that is a bit too loose for sfp. Priority has been slipping as well. If these trends continued without Amazon howling a little, I feared both Priority and FC would eventually be pulled …

To lose Priority would be an absolute disaster for the SFP program!

I think the writing has been on the wall as Amazon continually restricted the use of the USPS options. The not-so-subtle, implied threat is “Hey USPS, Priority is next! … What’cha gonna do to fix this?”

Something had to give, but my money is on Amazon putting enough economic pressure on USPS to bring it back inline.


I think part of the blame goes to USPS for lowering the bar on their signature services, but a part also goes to sfp sellers who pushed the limits and were “gaming” the system to use First Class when it wasn’t appropriate (like printing labels the night before when FC was an option knowing they wouldn’t post til the next morning when FC wouldn’t be an option … or purchasing a higher cost/faster label, canceling and manually confirming w/ an FC tracking #).

Over the years, Amazon has tightened up the SFP program demands and restricted shipping options to the point that they I think they had no choice but to turn towards the carrier now.


OK this one is just over the top. We were invited into Seller Fulfilled Prime under certain terms. One of them being USPS First Class available on certain days. So we set up a system to run this way and now… poof… gone. This is a terrible move for several reasons.:

  1. You have effectively removed lower priced items from SFP. You cannot get viable profit shipping ten dollar items without First Class, Period.
  2. How many times have we gotten “Prime” shipments from Amazon themselves that did not meet the two day window. Plenty!
  3. How many FBA “Prime” returns did we give in December for “item arrived late”? Dozens.
  4. How many returns have we given on SFP for “item Arrived late”? ZERO
  5. At the same time as this Amazon sends out daily e-mails and little notes about this item “overstocked” in FBA or the new FBA storage metric! Plus, all of our FBA shipments are split into three ridiculously ineffective shipments. Yesterday we shipped a 300 item FBA shipment and just 8 (eight!) of them needed to go to one certain warehouse, (why)? All of this as well as raising storage fees through the roof!
    Someone from Amazon please tell me how we’re supposed to win here???
    Sure, we have slow moving inventory, so with SFP we had no problem just storing it here. Everyone wins, the customer has access to our products, amazon doesn’t need to store it, we still make our sales. EVERYONE WINS. Now, with now SFP USPS EVERYONE LOSES! Yes, even you Amazon. EVERYONE LOSES!
    Now, we have no choice but to load up FBA again. Pay higher storage fees.
    A year ago I would not have cared about this. But in that years time Amazon invited us to SFP (under certain terms), Amazon jacked storage fees sky high, and then Amazon started splitting our FBA shipments. They used to all go to one warehouse.
    Instead of disabling USPS First Class why not modify the SFP available items to read “2 to 3 day Prime Shipping”? Then it is the customers choice. If they don’t like those terms they can buy from someone else? Wouldn’t that fix the whole issue?? I know, I know, way to easy.
    Again, someone from Amazon please let me know how we’re supposed to win here???
    Perhaps just assume the fetal position and take it???


I would like to think this but the reality is that FC for SFP is a small subset of a subset of USPS’ business. They would much rather have the PME business from SFP and forget about all of us small guys.


In my opinion that might be the driving statement behind their actions.

It appears that @Bad_Brittnie did too good of a job helping folks reach the high bar…


This is the resonse I received from the seller performance team

Greetings from Amazon Seller support. This is Jyoti and I have been assigned your case today.

It was a pleasure talking to you.

I understand your concern regarding Elimination of First Class Mail shipping option for shipping prime orders. Please accept my sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused to you in this regard.

As per our phone conversation, you can still use USPS First Class Package Service® to ship your standard SFP orders.

As informed to you we are taking this action to maintain the Prime delivery promise to our customers. We will continue to work with USPS to ensure that First Class Package Service® can meet the Prime delivery promise, and we will notify you when it is available again for SFP premium orders.

Additionally Amazon has integrated carriers for the benefit of the buyers, Amazon cannot guarantee the time on which the carries will offer two day shipping options. The reason being carriers are different entity outside Amazon.

In such scenario, you can fulfill the order using one of the integrators which are currently supported by our system.

Using the integrators there is chance of you getting discounted prices than our platform

Below are the supported shipping integrators which are supported by our system:

•M2E Pro - Amazon Magento Integration
•SolidShip by Solid Commerce

You can confirm the same through the below link:

Terms and conditions
Before a seller can use any application that uses the Merchant Fulfillment service to fulfill Prime orders, they need to:

1.Review and accept the terms and conditions of the Buy Shipping Services program.
2.Review and accept the terms and conditions of any carrier that they want to purchase shipping from.

Sellers can review and accept terms and conditions on the Manage Shipping Services page through the below link:

All you need to do is create an account in one of the shipping integrators and then link you selling account to it. Once you agree all the terms and conditions you can go ahead and ship your orders through them.

Your understanding in this regard is highly appreciated.


I think that the notice we received was “dumbed-down” for us lowly 3p-sfp sellers.

I have the feeling that Amazon put USPS on notice that their services are getting out-of-line with Amazon’s broader needs. Amazon carries a rather large stick here.

In my mind, it would be a toss-up whether Amazon or USPS cared less whether sfp sellers could use FC for their mailings. Amazon merely let us know that they were giving the USPS a “time-out”.

Now, USPS can either use this time to figure out how to fix it or step aside for Amazon to take over a larger part of the shipping logistics.


Bad Brittnie,
Did you see the letter I just posted? I’m already integrated with shipstation, but it seems complicated to go to shipstation and buy shpping. I guess it’s the only option until USPS gets their act together


Political atmosphere is poor for Amazon being able to bring pressure to USPS re prices.