Can I sell Fireworks and Sparklers like these listings?


It’s been a few years since I’ve read the TOS but does Amazon allow sparklers and fireworks now? According to keepa the following listings have been up for months.

I’m really surprised that Amazon allows Smoke Bombs in Prime because they are illegal to ship Air Cargo (First Class, Priority, nearly all next day carrier).

Has something changed that I’m not aware of?


NO !!!

Heck NO


Right! And TOS clearly states that Fireworks are prohibited. What gives?


Anyone can sell anything

until they are caught


I understand that but some of these have been up for a few years. I’d hate to be the seller that gets fined by the FAA.


Anyone can sell anything

until they are caught


These don’t look like “fire works”…?


All of these listings are fireworks. Some are called “candles” but they are fireworks.

If you look at the reviewer pictures it’s clear what they are.


IANAL but in Illinois we can sell what are determined to be “Firecrackers” however we are forbidden from selling “Fireworks”. I’m not sure what the distinction is in a legal sense but everything you listed here except MAYBE the Wedding Gifts Sparklets would be deemed a “Firecracker” and would be regulated differently to “Fireworks” here and therefore be legal to sell in Illinois. Amazon may follow a similar policy.


Just found this interesting link:

Hazardous and Dangerous Items

EDIT: sorry, read through the posts a wee late, upwards, its the same link as @zzzzzzzzzzzzsssss gave


As listed in @cat_kitten 's link it appears that Amazon covers both “Fireworks” and “Firecrackers” in their prohibited items list.


And “sparklers”


example like 465,837,603,486 that just because a listing exists doesn’t mean the product is allowed.

Guaranteed some seller who hasn’t seen this thread is going to list against one of those catalog pages, get in trouble, and make an all-caps post about how AMAZON LET ME CREATE THE LISTING THOUGH lol


Fireworks, such as:
Firework kits
Aerial bombs
Bottle rockets
Party poppers
Roman candles
Smoke bombs (announce baby gender with a smoke bomb listing?)
Snap caps
Sparklers (sparklets Candles etc ways, to get around sparkler listings, package on 6 pk and 4 pk in reviews say sparkler AND I think from the wedding sparklets, picture in the review, box with sparklers written on them, I think…)

Report if you like…i guess…does not bother me, but i don’t sell them


The package does indeed say “Sparklers”. LOL!!!:man_facepalming::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


$30 for sparklers? I think I can get a 15 pack at the gas station for like $2-3

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