Brands: New ASIN view in Brand Analytics Search Query Performance dashboard


Brand owners can now view search query performance data for specific ASINs within the brand catalog using the Search Query Performance dashboard.

The Search Query Performance dashboard answers the question, “what queries led customers to my product?” and includes brand and ASIN-level performance data for each query.

With the launch of ASIN view, you can measure the search performance of a specific product by metric, such as clicks or conversion rate, within a selected time frame.

Go to Brand Analytics to start running ASIN-level search queries today!


thank you so much, what a great feature.
i was waiting for this


Anyone care to share a screenshot of what this actually looks like? Of course blur your sensitive data.

I’m not brand registered. But this new feature is tempting me. Just curious to see if it’s as good as it sounds :laughing:


It is quite good, and along with the product opportunity explorer, removes any need for 3rd party software with “guessing” numbers.


At first glance, it looks cool, especially for such a greedy as Amazon. To cross fingers




I want view other top sales brands and asin’s Query Performance:grin:


@bcandle. Thanks for posting this.

Do you or anyone happen to know how they calculated the values for CLICK RATE, ADD-CART RATE, and the PURCHASE RATE? According to the Metrics Glossary, they should be the respective COUNTS for each of those items over the Search Query Volume, but those numbers are off by quite a bit based on that method.

For example, in your image above on line #1, the Click Count of 2492 over the Search Query of 1751 (2492/1751) is not 31.01%, right? According to the Metrics Glossary, the Click (Through) Rate is “The total number of clicks over search query volume count”.

I might be missing quite a bit, I’m new, please let me know if I’m not looking this right.



So I just noticed something, the Search Query Volume has jumped WAY up, at least for the weekly breakdown. Looks like they made the announcement about denormalizing search query volume, but didn’t actually give us the denormalized numbers until this week. The number of clicks is based off the denormalized number, not the number they were showing us in the data. Are you seeing the same thing?



There’s a reason why I do not allow forecasting to be made based on Beta-program analytical data.


@snorainier I assume you are in the Brand view, and we might have different versions of Seller Central because I thought I was on the new denormalized dataset last week, when I first gained access to the page.

My #1 in Search Query Score for Week 38 is just about the same as for Week 39 in volume, but that previous #1 position is now #29 with approximately the same volume size. The new #1 SQS this week didn’t even make the 1st 500 rows last week, and in terms of its Search Query Volume, yes, it surged.

However, the numbers still do not make sense. For example, which column below justifies the first row for the #1 position in Search Query Score? @dogtamer has a point. Again.

FWIW, the inquiry I made above in post #9 regarding the math, appears to work out now: in Click Funnel, Click Rate = Count/SQV, it ties now. It did not for me on the datasets in weeks prior to Week 39.

If you or anyone can share some insights on Search Query Score Ranking, it will be appreciated.



How can I download the report?


Download isn’t available yet but they’re working on it supposedly. If you’re adept in Excel, you can copy and paste the data but it’s a bit of work to get it to read like it does on the screen.