Best practices for setting business discounts


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Please make Quantity Discounts available for all buyers - not just B2B. Or if someone could explain to me the logic behind making that feature only available B2B I would be interested to hear it. Because in regard to FBM listings there are many items I would like to incentivize the customer to buy 2+ units by offering permanent quantity discounts.


This is irrelevant to probably most of your sellers

I am sure you will somehow make this nonsense mandatory.

We are not wholesalers.
We are not allowed to wholesale out our product per agreements.


Best practice - Don’t do it. You already have to wait for your money or pay extra to sell it to them.


many businesses are used to discount/volume pricing. it’s about 30% of my sales.


I use it to my advantage. When I set a discount for multiple units, i set it to FBM but not FBA. The discount becomes possible on FBM because your only paying one shipping charge on multiple items (Most of the time). But in FBA amazon “Screws” the seller a lot by shipping them out separately and charging you for each - making the discount irrelevant and not giving you an incentive to do so. LOL


Depending on the item weight you may end up paying a premium for FBA qty. discounts over FBM qty. discounts.




The sad thing is that I’ve seen that happen from multiple units being shipped out to the same customer from the same fulfillment center on the same date! I’m left wondering if they really are shipping them out separately or just “Saying” they did and you get dinged for multiple shipping fees/fulfillment charges! I should do a test order sometime to find out!

Then I’ll gather that evidence and walk into arbitration with a high powered team of lawyers! (j/k on that one) :rofl::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


I could have sworn at one time the charge was $1 for each additional unit. Do you remember it?


I don’t remember that but I do remember the multiple shipments to the same customer and getting dinged for multiple shipping fees on it.

when you think about it, not only is that inefficient but it’s wasteful in this new “carbon sinning society” how hard is it to put everything in the same box? I find it hard to believe that they are not shipping them together actually


Yeah, someone bought the last 10 units a couple weeks ago @ $5.14 p n p fee ea. Those 10 units only weight 5oz ea. However I can ship them in a medium flat rate box for $14.25


See that’s EXACTLY why I set the multiple discount on FBM orders. I used to sell inc cartridges back in the day for another seller. we could get like 30 of them+ in one flat rate and make a killing on those orders! I actually felt guilty at times! LOL


Agree! There is no incentive to offer discounts on multiple quantity purchases with FBA. Only Amazon benefits from their own discounted shipping… sellers are still required to pay the exact same per item shipping fee, which results in them making less money. We only offer the multiple quantity discounts on FBM for this reason. If Amazon decides to pass their discounted shipping cost to the sellers, they will see more sellers utilizing this on their site.


It Is very Helpful Sharing


One of the BIG advantages of eBay. I had been using “free shipping” on there before I started offering it on Amazon.

Since the price of shipping is included in every item ( buyers tend to be brain dead stupid and not realize that) I can offer a tiered discount. X% off for 2, Y% off for 3, etc.

It’s almost like minting money and I don’t feel bad about it at all since I gave a discount.

On AMAZON I do feel badly (for about 10 seconds) since people buy multiples on my “free shipping” items and do NOT get a discount.

KA-CHING goes the cash register!!!$$$$$$$$$


Why do I want to attract business buyers? From my experience they are the ones with the highest return rate and take much longer to pay. Why discount that?


This is a bit like the calls we get from random buyers asking for our discount coupon during our busy season. We usually tell them to call back in the last week of december just before we have to do inventory or early january when sales a bit slower.

Our faces light up when we see buyers order multiples of our FBM ‘free shipping’ - products - we are amazed at how many units we are able to pack tightly sometimes - But so glad we can as it helps to soften the blow with the significant increase in FREE returns.

and since this platform will not reduce the fees associated with a ‘business buyer’ transaction why should I want to lower my profits for THEIR shoppers to get a ‘better’ deal? - So perhaps if AZN let me keep my margins and they take less b/c its their ‘business buyer’ - they should be able to make up their ‘losses’ on volume - right?


Which precisely is the reason for my response to their recent “survey” about the ability to get “customers” on Amazon –


We weren’t here but this was a thing and I think it went away in 16 or 17. Boy would that be nice to still have. We sell multiples of everything every day and they are all going in the same tiny box with the same tiny negotiated freight rate…

Glad we weren’t here because losing that would have really angered me, which is pretty easy to do.