Available October 21, 2021: New Returns Performance dashboard


In our continued efforts to improve your seller-fulfilled returns experience, we’re excited to announce the launch of the Returns Performance dashboard on October 21, 2021. The Returns Performance dashboard will help you monitor your returns performance and proactively address return-related issues.

The Returns Performance dashboard will focus on three key returns performance metrics:

  • Return requests approved in less than 24 hours
  • Total declined return requests
  • Return-related buyer contact rate

Each performance metric will contain details for the following areas:

  • Current metric performance
  • Target metric threshold
  • Definition of the metric
  • Explanation of metric calculation
  • Explanation of importance of metric
  • Policy information

Additionally, the Returns performance dashboard is launching with the Returns Analysis page, a tool to help you identify and take action on any product listings that experience return issues. This page will help you identify the top return issue for each of your product listings so you can take action to improve the return experience.

Lastly, you can access a pop-up window within the Manage Returns page to view a summary of your returns performance metrics.

To learn more, go to Return Performace dashboard page.


Why add yet another metric?!!! Next there will be one on how many water breaks I took. I think it is an over regulation of sellers


Customers who shop on Amazon Lie more about the returns than on other sites. And now that Amazon Automatically Approves All Return Request that are within the Amazon Guidelines , some of the Performance metrics are out of Sellers control. Amazon Buyers almost never choose the correct reason for a return. They state the item was not as described, even though most items are clearly described.
Maybe there should be a dashboard to rate Specific Buyers, who continue to take advantage of the system.


How many water breaks did you take? Amazon doesn’t like that!!!:joy::joy::joy:


How will this new metric effect our account health? Most of those metrics are out of our control and Amazon has purposefully made it so easy to return without any attempt at retention or resolution that the return rate on this platform is 4-10x higher than we see anywhere else. You can provide a detailed, accurate listing and people will still order the wrong items, don’t understand how it works, or change their minds and select an inaccurate return reason to send back an item at no cost to them. Sellers have no control over this and Amazon keeps making it more and more difficult to deal with.


Starting with a joke, clever! :joy:


So now our metrics take a hit for customer abuse of the return policies…genius.


This is inane. It is Amazon-benefiting nonsense. Another series of “just for your information” irrelevant metrics planned to be weaponized against sellers in 1-2 years.

It could be a true returns dashboard, where completed returns are summarized & sortable. If a seller wants to analyze a month of returns, they either open every Completed return one-by-one or export into a TSV file that contains internal Amazon coding.

Granted, Amazon has never wanted to quantify the amount of wool they pull over the eyes of others.


i do about the same volume on etsy and here

1 or 2 returns per year on etsy.

Bogus return requests on amazon all the time. By bogus i mean people asking for a return to get free stuff and never send anything back.

Can’t wait to see how this plays out head desk


Ooooh what a lovely cryptic metric you have created here.

Stay tuned for next week’s episode “Unintended Consequences”.


What’s the point of these if Amazon auto-authorizes everything anyway?




This sounds like there will be suspensions for not accepting abusive returns or not giving full refunds when customers open items.

I have no faith this will turn out well for sellers.


Just what I need! More Sh… I mean more metrics to deal with >:(


It’s getting difficult to keep track of all of these new policies , requirements and metrics

They’re coming thick and fast at the moment, hardly a day goes by…

Perhaps Amazon could provide us with a spreadsheet or dedicated area in seller central summarizing everything as a reference.

They could be listed with various columns , action required, deadline date, consequences of non compliance etc.


Account Health


They don’t have all of these policies there .


I’m shocked there isn’t a “Returns with less than 100% refund” metric… Maybe this should be a set of metrics for buyers to see when they go to return an item. Maybe if they see this is their 80th return they opened this year they will show some remorse… (ik, wishful thinking)


Instead of fixing real problems that we bring to their attention seller “support” spends their time making up useless crap. Because they CAN make up useless crap but CANNOT fix problems? Yup.


So if amazon doesn’t approve return request in less than 24 hours we get dinged for it?