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Hello Sellers,

Welcome to our Ask Amazon focused on the Amazon Approved Third Party Apps in the Selling Partner Appstore.

Apps focus on automating previously time-consuming and tedious daily tasks like product research, filling out tax forms, or building customized reports. Check out all of the ways Amazon categorizes third party apps to help you find the best one for your business, here.

Today the product team will be answering questions about what the ‘Amazon Approval’ means and compliance with Amazon policies. Feel free to ask which Amazon Approved App might best suit your unique business need, they are happy to provide recommendations!

We’ll leave this topic open until tomorrow, August 18, at 5 pm PST. You can post any questions you have as a reply; we ask you to keep it to one question per reply. If a question you have has already been posted, give it a like and we’ll make sure to prioritize the most popular questions first. We have moderators closely watching this thread throughout the day, and they may merge posts with similar questions so we can answer them all in one place. In the meantime, our product assurance team is reviewing your questions and we’ll respond to them by 5 pm PST tomorrow (Aug. 18th).

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Kicking this off with a few commonly asked questions we have already seen from sellers -

Amazon reviews all software and service partners upon registration and listing, as well as continuously monitors performance to ensure apps and services are compliant with Amazon policies.

Amazon prohibit Apps (Developers) from sharing Seller data with other Sellers. This is outlined in our Acceptable Use Policy and Data Protection Policy. We’re constantly monitoring Developers to ensure compliance with Amazon terms and we perform in-depth audits of selected Developers to ensure compliance. Apps only use public data and never use seller’s data.


Before a Developer can list their application in the Amazon Selling Partner Appstore, Amazon reviews the Developer and their application to check if the Developer is providing useful functionality to sellers and that the Developer is committed to protecting data they may receive from Sellers. Unlike adding a secondary user, our program allows Sellers to grant access to Developers without creating a related account. While sellers are responsible for activities they’ve authorized on their account, because Developers are thoroughly reviewed against high standards, the risk of any enforcement is low as compared to a Seller deciding to grant secondary user access to a third party.


Shipstation is an approved app, but if I use it to buy shipping, amazon does not count that tracking or shipping as legit.

What gives there?


In Canada but selling in multi-marketplaces. However, looking for tax app that will provide reporting for the Canadian marketplace. I check the Canada box but the ones that come up don’t specify that they provide data for Canada. After reaching out to a few they indicated they do not handle Canada. A better filter might be good.


Hi @Azzy_s_Design_Works, ShipStation’s integration with the Amazon Buy Shipping API allows Sellers to use ShipStation to create labels for merchant-fulfilled Amazon orders as described in this video. There are some limitations listed here on ShipStation App website.



I think the point of the question was if Shipstation is using the Amazon Buy Shipping API to generate labels & upload tracking then why doesn’t it provide the same protection from A-to Z claims like “Item Not Received” when tracking shows received?

If purchased in Seller Central Buy Shipping = you are covered
If purchased through Shipstation Amazon Buy Shipping API = You are NOT covered.


Hi @Work_harder_smarter, thank you for the feedback!

Avalara, Taxjar, Lovat, and Taxomate are among the Apps that may help you file taxes and comply with regulations in Canada.

Have you given any of these a try?



Yes, this is the point. The video is incorrect. I was told previously that in order to get those protections, there has to be a special flag added to our account at shipstation and it would charge and extra amount for each shipment that way, so basically we have to pay amazon through there to ahve them accept a tracking number as actually delivered.


Trying Taxomte but they have told me they do not provide data reporting for Canada.


Hi there, how can you explain tactical arbitrage description in regards to Amazon policy?


I would pay $1000 for an app that circumvents seller support, and gets me to the silo that fixes stuff.


@VTR I can definitely relate to that feeling.

Are there any specific aspects of your business that you think would benefit from automation? If you suggest a topic or two, while we have this access to the third party team, I can look into suggestions for apps that address those pain points.



I recently opened a topic about third party apps. Funny that this thread appears afterwards. Are third party apps safe? I want to purchase a subscription for pricing automation because sellers are always beating mine. I basically have to watch my automation all day to make sure it is actually making me money or not.


Here is my original thread: Pricing Automation Sucks On Amazon


How about a replenishment reminder that can set complex rules based on lead time, quantity per case, supplier preference, shipping cost and time, along with perspective reports on sales for specific time and profit based on WAP for every ASIN.
Oops, did I asked too much for something other than a comprehensive ERP which is too expensive and unnecessary?:grin::grin:


@Justaseller31, glad to hear that you are on trend with your posts! The purpose of this effort with the third party apps team is to shed light on which apps are in fact vetted and approved by Amazon, or “safe.” Amazon is not affiliated with those apps, but if you have any apps in mind that you would like to check with the team, please share them here!



It seems to me @Kelly_Amazon, that most of the complaints when it comes to listings are because of automated systems that have zero flexibility or reasoning.

I think what @VTR was saying is that seller support, as it exists now, is just a poor performing gatekeeper to real help, that none of us are allowed to speak with or see.


Would love to see a list of apps for inventory management and shipping integration.
What do you have there?