ASINs violating Amazon title guidelines to be suppressed from search


Starting July 22, 2019, Amazon will suppress ASINs from Amazon Search whose titles do not comply with Amazon’s product title requirements. This is because our research shows that the ASIN titles that violate our policies result in poor customer experience. Please review Amazon’s FBA Product Title Requirements prior to July 15, 2019 to verify that your current titles meet our guidelines.

Brand name in the title

This is a move in the right direction, bad titles be-gone!


Be careful of what you wish for, this is just another listing bot that will be set free on the system.

I wish luck to us all.
I wonder what the unintentional collateral damage will be.


Fair point, July 22nd… Judgement Day.


Agreed. This will be interesting but hopefully not catastrophic and hopefully after Prime week?

Isn’t there supposed to be a bot flagging images that don’t have an all white background as well?


Sweet. Make sure to include Merch listings and listings by sellers not located in the USA. Thanks guys for keeping things even and fair on the platform.

That would be much appreciated.


it sounds like Amazon is not going to tell you what has been suppresed in the searches??
It will just be suppressed and the sales for that item will die.

I wonder if there will be a TAB in “Inventory” or something that will list these ASIN’s that have been suppressed??

Not like it will easy to get it fixed anyway by seller support in their current state.


Maybe an Amazon responder can reply as to whether this means you’re going to suppress all Trading Cards listings that use the dash - character to separate elements in the title. This special character is heavily used in that category. In fact there’s a major brand (Yu-Gi-Oh!) that has a symbol in its name - does this mean you’re going to suppress all its listings because of the symbol?


(1) Will sellers receive a notice regarding which of their product listings will be suppressed prior to July 22, 2019?

(2) Additionally, will sellers be notified with regards to what exactly needs to be fixed/changed in the title so that the product listing will not be suppressed?

Sellers will need to know in advance of the implementation date so that we can fix titles that amazon deems unacceptable. Without receiving information about (1) and (2) above, many sellers will be blindsided.


In the title guidelines, it mentions that 50 characters is a “general rule”. Further in the information, it states that child ASINs should include size and color. The example: Crocs Beach Clog, Lime, Medium (Women’s 8-9 M US/Men’s 6-7 M US) is longer than 50 characters. Would this child be suppressed?


I wonder if this is why they made the Inactive Pivot Table . Where they can keep adding NEW Reasons to the list??


The problem I see coming is the fact that it is so very difficult to get title corrections made. If there are multiple sellers they might all submit corrections requests, we could conceivably end up with something worse but technically valid. “Acme 12345 Household Item”


-----------> This is 50 characters How Why What Who Can do this <------------ :worried:


Some product categories allow longer titles.


There needs to be more specific guidelines for Titles. What is the specific Title Length allowed for Office Supplies?


That’s what I heard but this exact character limit per category is nowhere to be found.


Do spaces count as a character and is the symbol & included in unauthorized characters? Also same question as @BumperNets The example: Crocs Beach Clog, Lime, Medium (Women’s 8-9 M US/Men’s 6-7 M US) is longer than 50 characters. Would this child be suppressed?


Yeah, this has to suck for non brand owners. Per usual with Amazon, I suspect there’s going to be a fair bit of collateral damage here.


I foresee a lot of titles that are fine being flagged and suppressed by bots. Will Amazon let sellers know their listings are being suppressed due to title issues so that any alleged title violations can be resolved?

And if sellers upload new titles, will Amazon actually change the title instead of forcing sellers to create a case to get a title changed?


I dont think everyone read and understands the scope of this “new” change. They will not suppress your listing in whole. They will ONLY suppress the listing from the AMAZON SEARCH algorithm.