Are religious items banned from Sponsored Ads


I cannot find anywhere in Amazon’s policies where RELIGIOUS ITEMS are prohibited from being advertised via Sponsored Ads. The policies say RELIGIOUS OR SPIRITUAL SERVICES. The policies also say that you cannot advocate or demean any religion in your listing.

I sell crystal crosses and one of my ASINs was recently blacklisted from Sponsored Ads. The reason they gave is that religious items are not allowed to be advertised via Sponsored Ads. I told them that there are literally thousands and thousands of religious items being promoted via Sponsored Ads…all religions. Their decision is final and cannot be appealed. They said that the system would eventually catch up to everyone.

Any thoughts anyone?

Amazon blocking religious ads now?

This just happened to me for a new product I have. It was selling right away then stopped. I noticed I had no impressions. They also said they are working to stop all advertising of religious items. I’m just so sad about it… I’m not sure what to do now. I don’t understand the thinking behind it…


It’s unlawful discrimination but you and I are stuck with a contract. You might find some traction if you go to the media or social media and make some noise.


Several of my products have been suspended from my ads. I’m supporting everyone on a spiritual path! The Buddhist quote has been suspended, the Scripture Stones have been suspended. This is crazy.

CNBC says it’s a mistake.


I’ve had ads suspended a few days ago and two separate people at Amazon told me the ads were suspended because the items being advertised are religious.These were Christian crosses.

Here is the policy ->

4.3.8 Religious products

Products that are specific to a religion or faith are permitted on Sponsored Brands only. The keywords selected must be strictly related to the religion associated with the product promoted, or to religion in general.

Product targeting must be related to the religion associated with the product promoted.

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