Announcement - forum link moved


it’s clearly not a glitch if they’re announcing that it’s been moved to a different page.


Or you could have just gone to Google and typed in Amazon seller forums.


Bye bye forums. It’ll be active for the moment, but with seller churn expect this forum to rapidly quieten down as time progresses. What’s next the final shut down? - Amazon marketplace closed for good? My own thinking is that’s the way all this is heading right now.


Frankly @SEAmod, the home page currently looks like a first mock-up of an idea of what a main page might look like. Half-finished by an intern.


The whole idea of the seller central homepage is to make everything available and accessible for sellers at one time

The new “new” Seller Central page was to make things easier for the sellers.

Every time we turn around something else has been removed, changed etc…

Would it not be beneficial that before changes were made they ask the sellers for their opinions since we are the ones utilizing the page?

Removing the forum link is not beneficial since Seller Support in many cases does not truly help the seller many turn to the forums since this is truly the only support most sellers have where they actually receive help!


That’s what makes this particularly troubling.

There was a time when many of us thought (I know I did) that Amazon had accepted the fact that their Seller “Support” was on a collision course with total uselessness, and so were ramping up their efforts to direct sellers, obliquely at first, to the forums for answers.

With the removal of the forums, where does that leave us?

I guess Amazon decided that hiding negative publicity was more important than trying to help sellers.

No surprise there.


This is true for sellers who already know they exist. For newcomers, they might not think of that unless they are desperately seeking HELP! in small print.

Without a steady influx of new posters to create seller community, help for sellers who need it may slowly whither through attrition and lack of attention.

I don’t post here just to provide help. I would like to be able to learn from other sellers also. This is what creates seller community.


How much worse can Amazon make the home page? Every recent change to the home has been a negative. Why wont Amazon listen to the sellers who use this page all day every day?


Nice to see you Susan!
We’ve missed you.


Here’s an idea: If Amazon doesn’t want the link to Seller Forums and current popular topics so prominently displayed on the Seller Central main page, why not place the redesigned current link to the Seller Forums in the same place on Seller Central, instead of a link hidden in the Help section?

That way, sellers who visit Seller Central page won’t be directly exposed to negative publicity about Amazon unless they actually click on the seller forums link. If the current redesigned link is placed the main page for easy access, there wouldn’t be any more enticing popular topics to gather seller interest?


This is my thought exactly, and you said it so well.

But that is of no interest or concern to Amazon because, as the forums slowly disappear, so will the worsening negative commentary about Amazon…which I believe is their goal.

New sellers, which are prospective new posters, will likely be unaware of the forums’ existence. And the rest of us will eventually die off (literally and figuratively).

I’m sure there were many meetings held about how to quell the restless natives.

This is Step One (suggested by Durwood in Marketing, who is awaiting his promotion memo).


Exactly. If the only people finding this place are doing so in a search for help from Amazon, you’re going to eliminate the core group of help-givers by attrition.


Yet experienced sellers are stuck with “Tutorials & Training” taking up valuable space forever??
Good Move…Love to meet the team behind all these POOR changes.


It is constantly bewildering to me when Amazon makes changes that reduce effectiveness for sellers. This would represent yet another one of those changes imho…


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Forum widget is back on seller home page as announced by Susan in current thread.


Thank you for heads up on this! Best news ever! EVER! :slight_smile: