Amazon Support Completely Unresponsive


I had developer credentials that worked. However, it appears if you don’t use them in a while - Amazon deactivates them.

So I opened a case on March 14 to get it reactivated. Didn’t even get a response until 2 months later on May 17 (even after I opened several other cases to try to get it escalated).

I responded back on May 23 and it took 2 weeks to just get a response. To which I responded back with a compliance document. It’s now been a month - and haven’t gotten a response - or even an acknowledgement.

This is extremely frustrating. Where does one go from here or how do you file a complaint?


It takes a lot of time.

I opened my case on Feb 21 to get my Developer ID reactivated. I got through many of the steps, and I am now waiting to meet with an Amazon Solutions Architect. At this point, I posted on my open case “My Developer ID has been deactivated for 2.5 months now. Can you please reactivate my Developer ID through the remaining steps of this process?” My Developer ID was reactivated within a couple of weeks (but they did not provide notice is was reactivated, I just found it was activated when I checked one day.)

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This is an insane system.


Still no response from Amazon - I’ve tried escalating it a dozen times with seller support. Nothing…


Hello @Wolin_Design_Group,

Apologies for the amount of time it has taken to resolve your issue. We looked into this issue for you and our internal team has updated your registration case. Please take a look at your case for next steps and respond in the case if you have any follow up questions.

Thank you,
Amazon MWS Support


Unbelievable - you’ve solved our issue! Thanks Evan!

We finally decided to create a new seller account at the end of last week. We just got that one approved with dev credentials (took 6 days) literally a couple hours earlier and then we got this! My entire office is thrilled.

If I could suggest, please figure out a way to solve this for others in the future. There is literally no recourse/feedback, no way to contact this department, and no way to escalate. It’s very frustrating from a customer standpoint.


I hope you know that without prior approval from Amazon for a second account that you may end up with both accounts closed.

This is mentioned in the the Prohibited seller activities and actions


Thanks Oneida - I wasn’t aware.

We don’t sell anything on Amazon. It’s required so we can have developer credentials to support our customers (warehouses).

We’ll be closing the one down immediately, as we don’t need it anymore.

Thanks for the heads up!


Make sure it is the 2nd that you created … and not the 1st

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