Amazon Search Not Working? $10M product sales cut in half!


For the past week, my #1 selling ASIN saw a huge dip in branded / non-branded search rankings.

Previously ranked #1 for branded keywords, the product has dropped to the last search result, with non-relevant products ranking higher. I sell a piece of fitness equipment and now books on “real estate negotiation”, “how to set up Bluetooth” to "reusable straws) are ranking higher. When this happened, the search ranking for the highest volume keyword also dropped simultaneously and no matter the keyword, we would consistently be ranked in the 30th spot.

I’m kind of at a loss for words with what’s happening. Tried everything from updating all attributes so they’re filled out, re-uploading images, making sure the product is in the right category but no luck. Last time @SEAmod helped me out with fixing a similar issue and hoping her or one of the other mods can do the same. Has anyone seen anything similar recently?

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(Chart of our branded keyword ranking - went back to original ranking for 1 day - then reverted to last search result)

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Is this normal?
Amazon search problem, big loss of sales, please help me. Is there anyone else like this?

Hello @Karen_Amazon_old


Bragging or asking something?

If asking ASINs would help. If FBA, it could be a matter of an interruption in logistics internal to Amazon.


He’s just trying to get attention from the forum MODS, as if they are controlling search rankings.


If MODS control search rankings, then I want all MODS to know I have cake.


I have noticed that my $100M product has lost its ranking lately.


Just cake? I’ve been struggling with some of my listings lately. I can provide more than cake…


You have to be on top of changes, and not sit back, sounds like you just thought you could ride your previous setup hoping Amazon and other sellers would never change. YOLO gotta get with the Goodyear and the times and update your keywords and ASIN text baby!


Normally 9 times out of ten, when people are crying on these forums that their sales are down, mine are up. But this one time, on this day, they are indeed half of what they should be. Hence my presence on these forums today…heh!


is a drop like that in one day from first to 30th really something that is “natural”? I would expect to see a slow decline as unpopularity sets in…


It’s not like it wasn’t a holiday weekend or first week of back to school for most of the North East or anything… nah, can’t be that.


Sure that explains a drop in SALES - driven by buyers pushing the buy button or not. This is a drop in RANKING - which is not controlled by buyers at all.


Until a month or quarter or year graph is shown, it is useless. The data set provided is too narrow to establish any proper conclusion, it’s all just guessing on the OP’s part.


It seems like there is something traumatic happening every couple of weeks.
Besides the virus, we have hurricanes, wind storms, tornadoes, floods, fires all over the west, and so
much more that is distracting customers. I’m thrilled that we have any business at
all. Hang in there, things will resolve and well be back to normal. I hope.


Algos are mysteious things…with different agendas


I think you are presenting an issue with clear evidence backing up your concern. While I don’t have any advice for you, I am encouraged to see such excellent business analysis!

P.S. If you want to avoid attracting trolls I suggest you not include the fact that this is a $10M product. It is not really relevant to establishing this is a significant issue - your chart does the job. You may want to consider saying “#1 selling ASIN sales cut in half” to keep the conversation focused on the problem. No matter the size of a person’s business, everyone can relate to that and think it is important!

I’m happy for everyone who is successful, so your $10 million doesn’t bother me. I kind of like it :slight_smile:


lol :joy::joy:


Oh yeah, I have knee pads! You know for pulling weeds and doing tile etc… Thanks moderators and the easily offended forum readers.


now i realize why folks on the forum made fun of me a few weeks ago about losing $200 - peanuts to someone selling $10M…i’ll go away now


My sales have dropped significantly last couple of days… I normally see at least $100 or $200 sale days and now I see $30-$40… Hoping it get fixed if it a search engine issue. For seller to spend so much time working on attributes and keyword and then have it all blown up in your face… I’m just seeking other means of income until jeff bezios notices a drop in his wallet… I doubt anyone at Amazon reaches out to help me or any other seller… Unfortunately