Amazon is ending the Early Reviewer Program?


Just got an email saying the ERP is being eliminated as of today? Why would Amazon do this? :expressionless:

What are you thoughts on Amazon Removing the Early Review Program?

I know I use it all the time. Posting the email here for others:

As of March 10, 2021, we will no longer allow new enrollments in the Early Reviewer Program, and will stop offering the service to sellers currently enrolled in the program on April 25, 2021. You will not be charged for any reviews for enrolled products that are published after this date, and you will not be charged for the service if the program has not generated any reviews for your business.

Amazon will return your program fee within three months after the program closure date for any active enrollments with more than one review and not completed by April 25.

Amazon continuously innovates to improve our shopping and selling experience. Over the past several years, we have made numerous improvements to encourage buyers to review products on Amazon. These initiatives, such as One Tap Reviews and Global Review Sharing, have proven more effective in generating reviews than the Early Reviewer Program. We will continue to build new features to improve our store for customers and sellers.

Your continued success is important to us and we thank you for selling on Amazon.

Early Reviewer Program Team



Yea, pretty devastating news for us as well. Pretty bummed as we were getting ready to launch a new brand. The program worked great for us.

It’s pretty clear that the program was essentially buying reviews in a way so I suspect that’s the reasoning. How different is that from the Facebook deals that offer something for a review which is technically against policy.

Amazon was making 75 points per item on that program so clearly it was a profit center.

Too bad, and I am sad… :sob:


As a new seller, this really pisses me off. Would really like to know their reasoning behind this. Getting reviews is hard enough as it is.


I completely agree I use this program on every new product I launch. I run this and Vine and I always get more review fro the Early review program then Vine. Vine I get like 2 if I am lucky


Its quite disappointing. They do make the point that its easier to get reviews now but in the beginning when a product has no reviews, the Early Reviewer Program is extremely useful. There are very few legitimate ways to acquire those first reviews so its sad to see they discontinuing one that works well.


I paid $60 and received 5 reviews somehow got deleted today. disappointing contacted CS told me to open a case, still waiting for reply.


You are NOT alone in rowing that boat, my friend.

Preliminary evidence suggests that Amazon will be eliminating ALL Product Reviews that can be identified as having resulted from participation in the Early Reviewer Program.

Industry observers are widely speculating that such is so due to what our friend ASV astutely infers:

The currently-riding precedents re: Federal Law governing this area (the Consumer Review Fairness Act) make no bones - but they do embody the ability to cast stones, and it would appear that our new Administration is quite determined to fill their hands with rocks…


Wow. I hope that’s not true (eliminating all reviews obtained from the ER program in the past)

I just checked a bunch of our listings and they are all still there.

I assume if they did that we would be refunded our $60 per listing. That would be an awfully large adjustment / hit to Amazon’s financials that would need to be reported to the share holders.

Let’s say 1 million listings were part of the program since its inception, and I have to think that’s a light number - ($60M) adjustment. The language in the notification sent out to some sellers upthread seems to suggest that even those enrolled currently will get and keep reviews obtained by 4-25.

We’ve all been here long enough to know that anything can and does happen here (Murphy’s LawAzon .com) so who knows. I have to disagree with Amazon on part of that notification in that nothing is as effective for getting reviews as the ER program. RIP ER program. We will miss you. :cry::pray:t2:


they reinstate those reviews today, but all my listings’ buy box was gone, that’s even worse


Yes they most certainly should… but will they?


Whaaaat, noooo
That was such a useful tool.
Why Amazon removes good things?!


Not such a big deal for myself on the existing reviews as I mainly used those to “launch” the product, then the products gained their own reviews as they sold themselves.

However now as we introduce new products we’re back to the old game of “Hoping that first review isn’t a bad one”. Not a big deal when your an RA seller selling someone else’s “junk”. But when it’s your own product that you’ve tied to a UPC and a factory label…etc. Something like a 1 star review coming in first off the bat can be quite the hurdle to overcome - to say the least. I’ve seen it devastate even “Big shots” coming from as seen on TV, Shark Tank, etc and wipe them out on that product.

Yes I am disappointed in this change. Now as I launch a new product tonight, I’m hoping for a little love from the universe. Fortunately the odds are tilted in our favor as our products generally receive favorable reviews, but there is still that chance…


My own 2¢:



Thanks buddy, It’s all good. I just change the marketing strategy now, instead of slow trickling the product out FBM and waiting for the Early Reviewer Program reviews to trickle in like we normally do, now the strategy to avoid the aforementioned devastating early review is that we FBA the product and blitz the market with invo hoping for several organic early reviews. This would nullify the effect as we play the odds to our advantage.

That’s how I’m going to play it anyways, LOLOLOL