Amazon Intellectual Property Accelerator


Helping brands accelerate obtaining intellectual property rights and protecting brands in our stores

Today, we’re excited to launch Amazon Intellectual Property Accelerator, a new program that helps brands more quickly obtain intellectual property (IP) rights and brand protection in Amazon’s stores. We created IP Accelerator specifically with small and medium businesses in mind, and IP Accelerator helps these entrepreneurs by making it easier and more cost effective to protect their ideas. Expert legal guidance is critical for businesses to protect their brands and avoid costly mistakes in the trademark filing process. IP Accelerator solves this challenge by connecting businesses with a curated network of trusted IP law firms that provide high quality trademark registration services at competitive rates to help brands secure a trademark. When businesses use these law firms to file trademark applications, Amazon provides their brands with accelerated access to brand protection in Amazon’s stores.

Trusted intellectual property law firms at competitive rates

Amazon has vetted the participating IP law firms for experience, expertise, and customer service, and all have agreed to competitive, pre-negotiated rates for the standard services involved in obtaining a trademark registration. These law firms help ease the trademark filing process, including researching a brand to see if anyone else is already using it and filing trademark applications to protect it. In addition to trademark applications, these firms can also help with additional IP needs such as copyright registrations, design patents, and broader IP protection strategies, making it easy for businesses to get tailored solutions for their brands.

"We’re very excited Amazon has a list of legal firms that can advise us in our trademark needs. We have struggled finding counsel for trademark specific questions as we are a small company and work with limited budgets. Having the peace of mind that Amazon has vetted these firms and negotiated pricing for us lets us focus on what matters—building our brand." - Sonali Nayak, owner of Indigo Paisley.

Using IP Accelerator takes the guesswork out of the trademark filing process. These law firms know the ins-and-outs of IP and can save businesses both money, and time—a proper, well drafted trademark application can significantly reduce the time required to secure a trademark registration. Amazon does not charge businesses to use IP Accelerator—they only pay their law firm for the work performed at the pre-negotiated rates.

Earlier access to brand protection features in Amazon’s stores

Because the participating law firms have been thoroughly vetted, when a business works with one of the law firms in IP Accelerator and a trademark has been filed on their behalf, they will be strong candidates for registration. As a result, Amazon will provide these brands with accelerated access to brand protections in Amazon’s stores, to better protect their brand months, or even years, before their trademark registration officially issues. Brands will benefit from automated brand protections, which proactively block bad listings from Amazon’s stores, increased authority over product data in our store, and access to our Report a Violation tool, a powerful tool to search for and report bad listings that have made it past our automated protections.

With today’s launch, Amazon IP Accelerator is starting by helping businesses from around the world obtain trademarks and other IP rights in the US. Businesses interested in IP Accelerator can get started at:

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In general, I wonder if this is in response to the new requirement that non-domestic IP applicants use a US-based attorney for USPTO applications. :thinking:

This sounds GREAT…how will the law firms and Amazon communicate information about a Seller, and what info specifically will be shared?

Will certainly check this out.


This will be an unmitigated disaster. The big issue is false IP claims and this will just cause more “low informed sellers” to make complaints about anything they don’t like regardless of applicability. I think the intent is initial trademarking/branding, but the follow through will be a disaster.


Can we use Fiverr?


You are so right!

Maybe this is why the IP department hasn’t been reachable for the last month? I had listings removed last month because of “Intellectual Property Violation”. Even though I have signed rights from the manufacture that I am licensed to sell these products. Letter was sent into Amazon in 2018, but my listings are still being removed. Product compliance never responds to any of my messages, seller support flat out told me not to contact them about this issue. And my listings STILL haven’t been reinstated.


As a result of being Brand/Trademark Registered? As a result of just going through the process with one of the approved firms?

Increased authority over product data? Access for anyone’s listings not part of their Brand? That’s unnerving. So if you go thru the IP process with one of these preferred firms, and you are approved to go through the trademark registration/application…you then can have full access to control ALL product data in the catalog?

I can admit perhaps I am reading into this more than what is shown…but based on current IP violations being submitted by unknown entities…now we get to be at the mercy of someone changing PDP data because they can? Oh me… @Iowa-Guy … disaster may be an major understatement.

Forgive me…but GREAT was not the word I uttered upon reading this. :zipper_mouth_face:


I don’t want a law firm that Amazon trusts, I want a law firm that Amazon fears.


This is what I meant

…please forgive me. :grin:


Well of course…you are absolutely forgiven.

I was concerned you had been abducted and forced to comply! :scream:



This like every other big new program will have tons of problems.

This will be abused.

Iceberg ahead.


I’m no Amazon apologist, but I think they may have done something right this time.

I agree that false IP claims are a big problem. This new approach should allow those false claims to be dismissed faster and with less damage to innocent sellers.

If they truly have negotiated “…competitive, pre-negotiated rates for the standard services…”, most legit sellers will use those services, and dismissing IP claims may be no more complicated than having your IP attorney contact Amazon on your behalf.

( Of course, Shelf_Cleaning_Capitalist’s concerns are reasonable, and a few sellers will get screwed when a rep from India cannot understand what the IP attorney writes. )


I think that is the Antitrust Division of the US Department of Justice.


So it’s our responsibility to police Amazon’s platform to make sure Amazon is not selling counterfeits of our trademarked items. Isn’t that Amazon’s responsibility?


Maybe what might be most accurate at this time is to say that the idea is good but suspect the implementation will go SNAFU. :wink::laughing:


At least initially


If Amazon is so concerned with IP rights, then why is it there are many, many counterfeits of my product still available for sale, FBA no less, and my DMCA Takedown notice that I sent nearly a month and a half ago has been ignored?


If amazon wanted to, they’d vet the ip complaints first - not pass it off to a bot. All this program will do is elevate the believability of a (false) complainer on keywords.

Just in time for Q4. Merry Christmas!!


In a nice coincidence I already work with one of this 10 law firms, this is a good law firm, very good, amazon choose well.


The problem we have IS Amazon never reactivates the listings even after they agree a mistake or agree to reinstate.

We have dead listings and amazon keeps saying “we have reinstated your listing, please allow 24hrs”.

That is the big problem, aside from false copyright claims.

Honestly they should not be taking down domestic listings without a lawsuit in the first place, it causes too much headache, these rogue sellers are just out here filling false claims all day.


Maybee - all the issues going on for the past few months is because of a transition… Maybe these firms will also be vetting these ip appeals, and we will not have the wasteful back and forth bot bullish.

IP appeals have been messed up for so long now it would make sense for Amazon to fix the issue. But who knows.


We have been the victim of several IP complaints even though we are authorized dealers selling at or above suggested retail pricing. How do we appeal these? We have submitted valid and current invoices to prove our legitimacy but Amazon has not acknowledged the invoice submissions and we have now been deactivated.