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Handmade sellers that display their Maker Profile URL on items such as invoices, business cards, advertising, or social media will need to update them with the alphanumeric, ASIN-based URL by December 31, 2021.

The ASIN-based URLs are currently displayed under the Product Details section of the Maker Profile page, or can be obtained by clicking the Maker Profile widget on an existing detail page.

Handmade sellers concerned with not having a friendly URL may qualify for a Brand Registry waiver, which offers some of the benefits enjoyed by brand registered sellers.

One of the benefits of the waiver program includes the opportunity to create an Amazon Store which provides sellers with a branded URL ( and a multi-page, immersive experience that allows sellers to introduce customers to their brand story and entire catalog of products.

Note: The Brand Registry waiver, offered by Handmade does not come with IP protection. Sellers that require IP protection must meet the requirements of Amazon Brand Registry.

ASIN-based URLs can now be found in the Maker Profile Editor.

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Does Amazon have any support for this? I recently made a store, but Amazon didn’t use this URL structure (, and customer support has been unable to help me fix this.


I filled out the form and sent it. However, it asked to upload a logo image but did not provide any link to use to facilitate the uploading of the image. The three ASINs I provide do have logo images in the product images on the listing. I have a registered trademark for my logo and my business name is also a registered trademark. I can provide evidence of such if Amazon can please add an upload link to the form they’ve asked us to complete.


For Handmade sellers, your best bet is going to be to join the Locked Handmade Forum. There is an extensive thread over there that will be much more helpful. Plus there are lots of Handmade sellers that graciously share their expertise.


It works on mine. It took a few days for me before it became active. If not contact one of the support mods in the Locked Handmade Forum.


You have to upload it as an image to your chosen ASIN.


Most of my listings already have my logo as it’s on my product boxes and jewelry cards. I uploaded all the information required but haven’t heard back yet. How do we know when/if we are approved?

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