All PO Boxes Rejecting


We’re new to Amazon MCF and setting up sending in orders via the API, US only currently.

Mostly working out pretty well, except that PO Box orders won’t seem to work. Every time we send one in, we get an error message. These are actual PO Boxes, supplied by customers. We even did a test where a customer that received a package at their PO Box needed something else, and that PO Box was rejected too (and that one we obviously know is a valid PO Box). The error is: items not shippable (we have inventory, and this error does not appear for non-PO Box addresses of the same SKU).

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Does Amazon not ship to PO Boxes?

Have you tried entering them manually to see if you get the same error?


Yes. Won’t work. Slightly different error message: No items in your order can be fulfilled.

If I create an order directly or via API for the same SKU with a non-PO box address, it works fine both ways.


I spoke to a rep today, and they said Amazon does not support shipping packages to PO Boxes. That can’t be right, can it?