Account Health Assurance helps you address issues without account deactivation


Today, we are launching Account Health Assurance (AHA), a new benefit for sellers who consistently achieve a high Account Health Rating (AHR). With Account Health Assurance, we will no longer deactivate your selling account as long as you work with us to resolve any issues.

We have heard that you want greater visibility into your account health and risk of deactivation. We recently launched the Account Health Rating, which indicates your risk of account deactivation. Now, with Account Health Assurance, we are excited to offer this new benefit to sellers with a strong track record – providing greater peace of mind that your account will not be deactivated.

Account Health Assurance is a benefit for professional sellers in our US and Canada stores (other countries will be launched over the coming months) who maintain an AHR score of 250 or higher for at least 6 months (with no more than 10 days where their AHR dropped below 250), and have a valid emergency contact number on file.

When you encounter an issue that would otherwise result in account deactivation, an account health specialist will proactively reach out and explain step-by-step what the issue is and how to address it. As long as our team can reach you within 72 hours and you work with us to address the account issues, your selling account will not be deactivated. By knowing that your account health is safe, you can spend more time focused on growing your business.

When you become eligible for Account Health Assurance, you will be enrolled automatically and will receive an email notification. There is no charge for Account Health Assurance.

See if you are eligible, or learn more about Account Health Assurance.

WOW, Great Day, I just got this email from Amazon!
Amazon Pledges to Stop Summary Suspensions of Online Sellers
Account Health Assurance
This is the worst site ever for navigating
Account Health Assurance
Account Health Assurance

Why 250? Most small professional sellers are all hovering at 200, so this is a disadvantage to those sellers.
Maintain an AHR of 250+ for 6 months

To join Account Health Assurance, you need to maintain an AHR of 250+ for 6 months, with no more than 10 days below 250. This shows us that you take your account health seriously, and work quickly to fix policy violations.

This implies that anyone under 250 doesn’t take their account health seriously.


Sorry, but anything that Amazon has told me that is helpful or advantageous never is and never will be. See how CSBA is working out for people, or how RFS would be better for us, or going to Seller Support for your issues, or whatever else Amazon tries to say will be good.


To reach 250 from 200 we need about 2500 orders in past 6 months. So it seems that amazon is not going to allocate resources to small scale sellers :expressionless:


Another slap in the face of Small Businesses owners. Way to go, Amazon! Great way of “supporting small businesses”. :roll_eyes:

Why not making it something more meaningful, as: “accounts without serious violations for X time” or “accounts selling for more than x years with metrics over X for X time”? I get it, no financial interest here…


“Why 250? Most small professional sellers are all hovering at 200”.
Not to justify amazon, just to explain…
professional, is not a seller that pays $40 as monthly fee.
professional is someone that his profession is selling on amazon.
250 means that on average, the seller has 6-7 sales per day…not too much to expect from a professional.


That all depends on your market. I think that calling these small businesses “not professional” is rude. There are many small business professionals that are below 250 because whatever market they are in isn’t at a selling power for 6-7 sales per day.
Also, many of these sellers do more than just selling on Amazon-they may have brick and mortars as well.


Professional, at Amazon, is anyone with a professional account. Your definition of professional is that, your definition.

If now, to be professional, you have to be a serial Alibaber, then that should be explained on the terms and conditions.

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If you think about the restriction and type of violations that needs to be avoided, plus the demanding customer request, you are probably looking at over 25 orders / day without single issue and that with consistency for six months.


I am constantly being harassed for items I sold years ago. It is simply impossible to go down the rabbit hole with them on each item. Even deleting an inactive listing doesn’t seem to help as they stay on your metrics forever.
The icing on the cake is how breathtakingly stupid their “scraping” algorithms are. “Plants vs. Zombies” is apparently a pesticide for example. CSR’s are useless as they just send the same cut and paste replies endlessly.


“Professional, at Amazon, is anyone with a professional account. Your definition of professional is that, your definition.”
And how do you get this title ?? by paying $40 per month.


At Amazon, that’s exactly how you get the “title” and the flag on your account so the bots can apply the policies that apply only to professional sellers.


On behalf of all “micro seller” Handmade sellers, who have stellar track records, but who will never get above 200 AHR (or to 250 because we don’t sell 2500 products per 6 mo).


Sellers with a score of 250 could absorb a minor infraction without this program.
Sellers with only a base score cannot.


This is a good move and Amazon deserves credit for this. It is not perfect, but it is something.

I am happy to criticize when warranted.

This should be commended.


This sounds great, but my guess is that after 72 hours and being unable to address the issue that it will be deactivated. I have had some issues take MONTHS to resolve.


Thanks amazon! this is a great idea actually.

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I am in FULL SUPPORT of any measure Amazon takes to help Sellers!

Thank you Amazon!!


Thank you