Accelerating through the holiday season


Dear Seller,

As you prepare for Prime Day on October 13-14 and the holiday season, I want you to know that Amazon is working tirelessly to prepare so we can be a great partner for you and do our best to delight customers. Earlier this month, we hosted Amazon Accelerate, a virtual conference dedicated to seller success, and were excited that more than 10,000 sellers were able to join us and pick up tips to grow their businesses. As we approach this year’s peak, I wanted to share some updates on investments Amazon is making to help you and some suggestions as you finalize your plans for this season.

First, I wanted to highlight three key investments we are making to support your business growth.

1. We increased peak fulfillment center standard-sized product storage capacity worldwide by nearly 60 million cubic feet compared to last year. We did this while ensuring we continue to keep our fulfillment center employees safe.

2. Amazon will invest an additional $100 million to spotlight and connect customers with small businesses during Prime Day and the holiday season. Small businesses are critical to delighting customers, and we’re excited to invest even more in their success.

3. As we all experienced earlier in the year at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, a great deal can change quickly requiring us to make significant changes to our operations. We’ve made multiple investments to ensure that we are able to react and communicate even more quickly – through email, News in Seller Central, and our forums.

The holidays represent a critical part of many sellers’ business. Looking forward, here are a few suggestions:

1. Every holiday puts additional pressure on each country’s transportation networks – this is an industry-wide occurrence. However, the pandemic crisis has the potential to increase the strain. As a result, we will encourage customers to do their holiday shopping earlier. We also encourage you to send inventory to our fulfillment centers, schedule product launches, and run deals and promotions earlier.

2. Pay close attention to the quality of your products, shipments, and labeling to ensure efficient processing during the busy peak season. Monitor your Restock Inventory page, where you can find Amazon’s recommendations for sufficient inventory levels.

3. Even though much has changed in the world around us this year, one thing that has not changed is that customers continue to be delighted by great selection, low prices, and fast, convenient delivery. It is always critical to focus on these elements. Stay on top of these through the Manage Pricing, Manage Orders, and Account Health Dashboard sections of Seller Central.

We realize that this has been a challenging year – both in terms of running a business and in your personal lives. At the same time, we continue to be inspired by how so many of you have risen to these challenges and continue to delight customers, grow your businesses, and give back to your communities. Collectively, Amazon sellers have not only continued to grow fast this year, but they are growing even faster than Amazon Retail, and that’s such a powerful testament to your resilience, creativity, and of course, your terrific customer satisfaction. As always, we appreciate your continued partnership as we work to accelerate through the holiday season.

Thank you,

Dharmesh Mehta

Vice President, Customer Trust and Partner Support

What happened to the Accelerating through the holiday season thread?

That’s amazing to hear considering the constant road blocks Amazon put up for it’s sellers.

Just in case you read this (VP Partner Support)…how do you issue a partial refund over $20 for a non returned item (General Adjustment)

Doesn’t seem like anyone at Amazon knows how to after the new Return Rules were put in place on Oct 1


We also all need to be prepared for many of the new prime member customers asking us more than the usual amount of questions.

During this prime day sale such as for example why isn’t shipping free for the items they are purchasing from us.
Hopefully every single Amazon seller that does not offer free shipping will have a very polite and professional answer for this question.
Happy Prime day to all.


I counted “delight customers” at least 3 times in that gobbledygook.


Jokes now, Amazon?


Please, please, please address the issues with receiving inventory. I have holiday merchandise sitting on your dock at AVP1 since the end of September, and if I click on the listing, it says it will be available DEC 15th! I’m somewhat optimistic that that is the worse-case scenario, but if it’s not, my Q4 will be destroyed and I’ll be left with inventory that will need to be recalled and will sit until next year.


feeling great to hear this,
Our 1 FBA shipment has been delivered before 10 days but till date it is not received even not checked in.
Shipment id is FBA15RM50XW3. Please solve the issue.


Can’t agree with this more. AVP1 is my facing center and I have a ton of stuff sitting there. We’re trying to get everything out to them by the end of the week at the latest since we assume it will take over a month for things to be checked it. Used to be the fasted in the country, now it’s just nuts. To add insult to injury, I have had more recent shipments from October fully received before those from mid September.

Fingers are just crossed this year.


Was expecting a punch-in-the-face policy change after this statement. Always have in past announcements that contain these statements…


Waaaiiiiittt for it…

It’s a holiday, give them a break. They’ll get to it.


I appreciate Amazon’s commitment to 3rd party sellers, of which I am one. One problem, though, I have been dealing with is the slow receiving of products in California distribution centers. I have been out of a product for 2 weeks even though my shipment was at the distribution center 2 weeks ago, so I am taking a hit on ranking. And the reason I did not get product there sooner was because I could not reorder through inventory management until my inventory was already low because of inventory storage restrictions this year. So this has been frustrating. Hopefully, the situation will be resolved soon. Thank you for your attention.


I’m a new Amazon seller starting this March.There truly can’t be a worse time to start. I sent in 1 ASIN 300 units to SMF3 and it never got checked in. This ASIN used to have a maximum inventory limit of 500 units so I ordered another 100 units from China in September. Because it’s out of stock now and there is no sales for weeks Amazon suddenly lowers its limit to 200. Consequently, this new shipment of 100 units is not allowed to get into Amazon’s warehouse. To make things worse, this is a toy so I cannot do FBM for Q4. Thank you Amazon. You just kill my ASIN.


Please de-vest in the armies of “price alert bots”…they simply aren’t playing fair, and won’t help your bottom line if sellers are forced to take inventory elsewhere or inactivate it until it’s safe here to be profitable once again. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Edenia is happy to have joined the Amazon family this year! We are a small business and excited to grow on this platform. Our main concern is a technical one. We realized that there would potentially be a 2 week delay with FBA receiving our inventory so we decided to create a dual listing to include FBM. Unfortunately, the system will not give FBM the buybox despite our ability to fulfill immediately. We hope a support personnel will be able to help us before Prime Day.


Will check back with you in three months and see if you have kept that same level of enthusiasm.


This is absolutely correct and it is an absolute shame that Amazon’s SKU restock quantity limits do NOT take seasonality into account. Amazon is doing nothing but harming those businesses whom the 4th quarter is critical to and who utilize FBA. Seasonal businesses that sell gift items, toys, etc rely on the 4th quarter for a significant portion of their annual revenue. These restock quantity limits are only allowing seasonal businesses to send in HALF of what they need to. The limits are supposed to allow at least 3 months of inventory needs. That may hold true for non-seasonal sellers but it is certainly not allowing 3 months of inventory for seasonal sellers who RELY on the 4th quarter. It is not even allowing us to send enough for 1 month (December). Shame on you Amazon.

More than half of our holiday inventory is having to be shipped to a different fulfillment company due to these ridiculous, insufficient limits.


Dear Amazon, I am an offline store owner and I just joined Amazon this year. I have a problem with seasonal product inventory. For example, I have a seasonal product. I could sell at least 1,200 sets in the United States in the previous winter. But due to inventory restrictions, I can only send 200 sets to the Amazon warehouse. How do you deal with this situation? The supplier is not in America, and the shipping takes 30 days. Once it is out of stock, I will not have time to ship to the warehouse.


I’m not sure it’s a great idea to share shipment ids on the forums.

I’ve never done fba, but doesn’t sound like a good idea.


prepare so we can be a great partner for you and do our best to delight customers.
You know by giving away your hard earned money on returns.

As we all experienced earlier in the year at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, a great deal can change quickly requiring us to make significant changes to our operations.
Only if we amazon can not handle our own business we throw some your way.

We realize that this has been a challenging year
Because we are not big enough yet so still have to let 3rd party make a little.

Remember delight delight delight the customer.


TOYUMA… there are other third-party marketplaces available to distribute your toy oh, and if you’re not in this country you can find a third-party fulfillment center to go ahead and house and ship out your goodies…

It’s always good to diversify…