ABH Parma Debacle


I hope you are well.
I have my own line of a supplement on Amazon,
My Listing was “manually yanked” from amazon yesterday.
I was not given any reason when I called customer service, they informed me that Amazon needed some FDA and cGMP from my manufacturer.
I promptly provided those documents and received an email from amazon saying they are reviewing my case.

Last night at 1:30 am, I received an email from Amazon Product Safety Team stating that my listing has been taken off Amazon as ABH Pharma has a case against it for not having proper documentation from FDA. While I had received a quote from ABH Pharma, I never placed any orders with them I got quotes from 10 different pharmacies.

I am really confused about what I should do. My inventory shipped directly my pharmacy manufacturer to Amazon and they can verify that it was not ABH Pharma. I have also shared my invoice with amazon about the matter.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


Amazon messed up this ABH recall

This may be related to a large recall mentioned in another thread, which can affect their private labels which could explain your situation. I would check all the affected labels to see if yours overlaps


Thanks for your reply.
I own my own label and I never used ABH pharma.
The email they sent me states that ABH Phrama is the reason
What is the name of this other thread?
How have people fixed this issue?


There is a nationwide recall, ABHpharma could source from the same place as your supplier, and their supplier may be the source of the recall, thus effecting you.


There are over 850 brands affected by this recall. Have you checked the brand list attached to the recall?


Sounds like what happened to toys last year. Amazon requested Child Safety Certificates. And when you sent in legitimate certificates and invoices directly from the manufacturer, Amazon still took down the listing. It was very stressful.

It feels like Amazon scrambles around and bans and restrict anything and everything. Then, Amazon tries to sort out the mess later on.

And while your sales stop, Amazon’s storage fees keep running.


Yes, but if there is a safety issue they don’t want to be on the hook legally, so they’re going to shut it down in an instant and avoid that, then as you said sort it out later.


I agree.
They are taking down everyone as that is named on the list and they will sort out people who are named falsely.
Why would they want to take the risk of selling something recalled by the FDA.
We are clean, submitting all the documents along with shipping tracking from my manufacturer to amazon.

I have faith :slight_smile:


As I posted on the other thread. Your brand is on the FDA brand list. You need to contact the FDA if this is not correct. Amazon cannot help.


How do I contact FDA?


Go to fda.gov and they have a contact us page.


Thank you .
Appreciate it


Spoke with FDA, super helpful/
They know the list is not accurate and are working on fixing it
Hold tight ladies and gents


Please let us know how this turns out.



I am very disappointed with the way amazon does business and treats sellers.

in 2017 I started to sell supplements on my brand from a trusted manufacture absolutely naturale USA in Florida . during that year I contacted ABH PHARMA to manufacture fish oil for us because absoulely naturals didn’t have the capability to manufacture fish oil at the moment. after contacting ABH PHARMA and receive samples of the FISH OIL I quickly suspect inferior product quality due to the poor packaging and labeling. I decide not to do any business with that company nor bring any products manufactured by them to market.

fast forward to yesterday January 31th 2020 , I understand amazon had send out mass emails to all our customer who purchase supplements from us informing them about the FDA RECALL that involves ABH NATURE’S PRODUCTS, INC, ABH PHARMA, INC., and STOCKNUTRA.COM, INC

This is like a nightmare to know that all our supplements are manufactured in Florida by Absolutely Naturale USA and i have proof for every single unit/order from the first batch in 2017 to our current batch in 2020. I never sold any other supplements manufactured by any other company.

Amazon should conduct proper investigations before putting thousands and millions of customer in panic and sending unaffected customers on a refund spree, disrupting our business operations…smh

I pray for the day amazon put proper protocols when dealing with cases like these. now im here watching my business that I built from January 1 2014 going down in shambles over a big mistake.

I hope amazon help us and investigate this properly because this is super critical to our business and customers trust.


One would have thought a doctor would be able to figure that out on their own, but I digress…


If you are on the brand list published by the FDA, how is Amazon in the wrong?


amazon should double check which listings/ asin that are being sold on the website before sending customers in panic, also its the FDA job as well, sellers are always the ones to take the losses even when they are in the clear… when sourcing products; requesting quotes, samples, certifications and pricing from multiple companies are very normal. I don’t have an issue with amazon removing the listing to verify things but why send thousands on customers on a refund spree before verifying which products are affected???


Agree with you…
I never got anything from ABH, just a price quote,
I have given amazon shipping labels of all my inventory shipping from my manufacturing facility to thier warehouse…
waiting and watching…


So if there is reason to suspect that an item being sold might harm the health of the consumer, they should wait until they have thoroughly investigated before stopping sales, since that would hurt the supplier???

I’m sorry if this is falsely affecting you, and I hope it gets straightened out very soon, but Amazon is only following FDA directions. Any anger should be directed at the FDA, and you should be thanking Amazon for protecting the buyers by following their rules.