5-Star review brought average rating down?


Hey everyone,

I recently launched a new product and have received the following reviews so far:


Upon receive the 4th review, which was 5-stars, the average star rating dropped from 3.0 to 2.0.
Why would a 5-star review make the average drop a full star? xD
Anyone knows what might have caused this?

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Tommy Tripod


The star ratings of reviews are weighted. So an unverified review will have less weight than a verified review. Was the latest 5 star verified or unverified?


Everytime i ask seller support question regarding reviews the answer is: its a automatic system.
Reviews 4 star

Can someone explain why this is be a 4 star?
1 one star.
10 four stars
26 five stars.



I had the same problem I called customer service I was told the system no longer adds the total Stars / total customers and you get the average from now on it is about the quality of the review and that’s has many factors that go into it,

I asked so why other listings are still going with that average I was told that the system will catch up with every item in the coming future and will be subject to the new rules.

So from now on is going to be determined by the quality of the review God knows how the systems decides that.

Basically negative reviews will have more weight than positive so good luck all.


Their programmer is not very smart and does not know number rounding protocol.

It comes out at 4.62 since the first digit right of the decimal is greater than 5 it should be rounded up to 5.


I don’t think that’s what that means. I think unverified reviews will carry less weight. Maybe the longer reviews withs pictures will carry more? This could be great considering how many foriegn sellers abuse the system with unverified reviews to boost garbage products and create negative reviews for other sellers.


All reviews were verified.

I get that they weight certain reviews more heavily than others. But, as I said in my initial post, my average rating was 3-stars when I went to bed last night. I woke up this morning to the new 5-star review, and that’s when the overall rating dropped to 2-stars lol.


Tommy, I am having the same issue. Did your average rating eventually adjust correctly?


Upon receiving the next review, the rating adjusted correctly.

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