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Been contacting lots of 3PL companies in the states. Big and small companies. Our shipment will arrive at LA port.

So after searching for the 3PL companies, whenever I see their reviews it’s horrible… even for the “big” ones.

We are looking for Long term and reliable cost effective partner. Anyone has a suggestion?

Any cheap 3PL (3rd party logistics) suggestions? Why is it so expensive!?!

Deliverr.com is based in California with a few warehouses on the West Coast. They provide nation-wide network and specialize in providing 2 day fulfillment to your customers.

Usually bad reviews come from 3 things;

Slow shipping
Difficult user experience
Complex/expensive rate structure

Deliverr is easier to use than normal 3PLs, even the large ones, thanks to their all-inclusive and transparent pricing (only 2 fees: fulfillment & storage), a focus on fast-shipping, and an easy onboarding (integrations with listing tools like Sellbrite and Channel Advisor and Shopping Carts like Shopify)

Make sure you understand their inbounding requirements and product restrictions - they are pretty unforgiving if you do not comply.


I’ve been working with PNPLINE it’s been 4 years now. They handled really well . Cost is not that hurt. helped me a lot to grow up my business.


Howard Logistics
Aurora, CO 80011

They handle our Hazmat

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