2020 Extended Holiday Returns Policy


In anticipation of customers shopping early for the holidays, we have temporarily extended the return window of our returns policy.

The Amazon Extended Holiday Return Policy for 2020 requires that most orders delivered between October 1 and December 31 be returnable through January 31, 2021. This policy includes orders that are shipped by you and orders that are shipped by Amazon.

Although the return window for most orders is extended, it can vary by category. You can see the return deadline in each category on our Returns Help page.

You can learn how to update the Returns & Refunds section of your seller detail page to advise customers of the extended holiday return policy here.

To learn more about our return policy, visitAmazon’s Return and Refunds policy page.


I apologize for the confusion around the language “shipped” versus “delivered”. Moderators just received updated information that reverses our earlier update.

Extended Holiday Returns Policy

The Amazon extended holiday return policy for 2020 allows orders SHIPPED between October 1 and December 31 to be returnable through January 31, 2021.

Policy update: Updates to the seller-fulfilled returns refund workflow
You Are Going To Get Returns - Plan Before You List

Where is the page to view the category exemptions? I better be exempt from this b.s.


why should we even bother with a return policy anyways? might as well make it 6 month a year, or returnless refund for everybody at that point.


So this year, Amazon advanced the extended return season by one month. That will allow the buyer to get 4 months of use our of a product, then select a return reason. Now the seller has to refund based on a sliding grading scale and photo. This is just too good to be true.

Again it seems the Peter Principle is well in action. Employees just keep getting moved from one department to another with those great ideas. I doubt though, if any of them derive a living wage by selling on the venue, realizing the actions of what they put in place.

With that said, now I have to look at it this way. I will greatly make up for all the forthcoming problems on the back end, provided the Amazon stock price stays where it is or goes up. :train2:


Products which contain digital codes cannot be returned if opened. It is in there, but I’m not going to tell you where. It’s hidden so deep, it will take an hour to find it. Just like the deductible return fees when a customer goes looking for them. :train2:


Agreed. But what about the products sold with a 30 warranty. After 30 days, they have no value and should receive no refund. And how about the thousands of products sold that say in big letters when opening the box…DO NOT RETURN THIS ITEM TO THE RETILER ! CALL THIS NUMBER FOR ASSISTANCE. It is not returnable, correct.?.?.? :train2:


Lmao, I absolutely agree. My original response was trying to be ironic… As you said in your above post, they keep extending the return policy, extending it, extending it. We already have 3 months or so for COVID, now the holidays.

We already take pictures of all our products upon return, but grading it is getting ridiculous. By the time we get the returned product, and refund, we’re at break even, so reselling a used item is gonna cost us more in labor and fees than disposing of it.

We sell items at an average of $100/unit, and it cost $15-25 to ship it literally makes no sense to us.


This, plus yesterday’s information release on apparent removal of restocking fee abilitiy…


What can you say. Seems like nobody at Amazon wants to protect the seller. 3 months before Xmas seems a bit long. I preferred the old version when it was November 1st til the end of January but 1/4 year seems too long. Last year I think I had 2 returns after Xmas so hopefully it will stay close to the same. I really feel bad for the FBA crew as they already have higher return rates and to add this will be excruciating. Shame because they offer so many customers it would be so great for them to at least make it fair for sellers so we don’t get abused by customers. I personally have never been abused but I know it happens daily.


Well this is bound to happen soon:



in the beginning of the year they forced 90 days return for covid, now a 4 month return for holidays. Amazon truly is a badly managed platform, between the changes of the restocking fees which now directly go in line with the extended holiday selling period make for a recipe of disaster for small sellers. A 120 return period is obnoxious to say the least.

Yet another epic Amazon failure to add to the list of many.


HORRIBLE!!! As if Amazon customers didn’t already abuse sellers when it comes to Amazons return policy. Soon Amazon will be asking us to send customers merchandise for free. Let the customer keep it for several months and then decide if they want tp pay for it. Shameful!


Interesting that this extension takes place right at the same time the new Returns/Refund policy changes.


I think not.


The hits just keep on coming…


amazon is with no doubt promoting online shopping fraud. and is the leader in that field.

1 day it will get them. (jeff too)


This new timeline aligns with “Prime Day”. :roll_eyes:

Policy update: Updates to the seller-fulfilled returns refund workflow

We sell a few products that have a PAO (period after opening) of 90-days.
That is, once the shrinkwrap seal is broken, the product is only guaranteed to be useful for 90 days after the shrinkwrap is broken and exposed to air.
If the customer purchases on Oct 1, 2020, and receives it and opens it on Oct 2, 2020, on Jan 3 2020 the product is no longer useful. But they can return it for arguably a full refund, claim defective. WTF Amazon?


Amazon is just trying to get us to leave voluntarily at this point. Or maybe it’s part of an experiment to see how much people are willing to endure to scrape out a livelihood. Either way, the mandatory purge of 3p fbm seems inevitable and fast-approaching.


Amazon needs to change their name to AMZRentals.


I have learned and been burned year after year by amazon … we sell green and red donation boxes … so every year every store in the USA orders them, uses them all season for say santa 's wish lists etc etc and then come January 1 every single one comes back , dirty , snotted up and broke … we have learned to pull Red, Green and white donation boxes along with many other items off amazon til the extended period ends