$20 Amazon gift card in exchange for review


I ordered an AirPods rubber case accessory and received it today via Amazon. In the packaging is a little card saying I could win a $20 gift card and it set out 5 steps which essentially leads to me writing a review. How can I report this seller? As an Amazon seller myself, I hate seeing this stuff since it’s obviously a scam.


Hey, it said you “could” win. Just like the Publishers Clearinghouse.

I am pretty sure that Amazon basically ignores sellers reporting other sellers. If you were not a seller, I’d tell you to leave bad feedback. Since you are a seller, do not!


I believe there is only an issue when they explicitly say that you have to give them a 5 star review and will be rewarded for it.


It doesn’t say I have to give a 5 star review. It just says to leave a review, take a screen shot, email them, wait 2-3 days and I will get a $20 Amazon gift card.

They do however explicitly state ‘Please don’t upload this card to amazon, this will make your account insecure.’ Okie dokie!


Email seller performance is the best way.


You have the card that you can send an image of to seller performance and unusual numbers of reviews will be looked at.


Get the $20. Return the product, get the refund, repurchase product. And keep doing that until you make your first million!


lol! Good stuff.


Leave bad feedback, infact everyone should start to leave bad feedback whenever they receive such card or gift vouchers.

If Amazon is busy & cannot listen to our complaints then atleast we can play our part by giving negative review, may be someday they will stop sending such cards/vouchers.


I get things like that in the little things I buy on amazon every now and then. Usually just go in the trash. Sometimes they are private label items like a cell phone case, but usually they are items with multiple sellers and don’t have amazon labels on them so they are commingled. Many times they are soliciting buying a totally different item with refund on review… Pretty annoying…


Offering any incentive in exchange for a review (1 star, 5 star, honest review) is against ToS.


I completely agree with you, however it’s not a good idea for sellers to leave negative feedback for other sellers. As silly as it may be, you are putting your account at risk by doing this.


So in conclusion:

  1. There are firm rules in place that state sellers cannot solicit reviews in exchange for something, such as a gift card.

  2. There are no protocols in place when a buyer receives such a solicitation.

  3. Leaving a bad review will cause the buyer to be reprimanded.

  4. It appears to be ok for sellers to solicit reviews in exchange for something, such as a gift card.


Yepper, you’ve indeed done a fair job of analyzing the facts on the ground correctly, my friend.

To be fair, there actually are protocols in place, but in reality they generally amount to little more than mere lip service, because:

Money Talks…


Sure, that may well be the appearance.

However, I think it’s a matter of perspective. The perspective of a seller who has found themselves banned for life for engaging in this practice, might well have a different perspective.



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