Seller account Deactivated for "Gambling", Having a hard time explaining the matter to support


Hi there,

My Business recently moved here from Paypal over to Amazonpay; we were having an fantastic experience until today when I received this suspension email:

" Hello, We have closed your Amazon Pay account, canceled any pending transactions, and placed a temporary hold on any funds in your account. Any new accounts you open will be closed. We took these actions because your website XXXXXXXX may be in violation of our Acceptable Use Policy. This policy prohibits the use of our payment service for any transactions involving gambling and lotteries. To learn more about this policy, click the “User Agreement/Policies” link at the bottom of the Amazon Pay site and then click “Acceptable Use Policy” We encourage you to take appropriate steps to resolve any pending orders. Note that any amounts paid as a result of A-to-z Guarantee claims and chargebacks may be deducted from your account. After 90 days the hold will be removed and any remaining funds will be available for withdrawal. If you have questions about your funds, write to XXXXX If you would like to appeal this decision, click the “Appeal” button on the “Notifications” page in the “Performance” section of your Seller Central account

The thing is, Amazonpay suspended the account without even inquiring if the lootboxes on the site were any form of gambling; I appealed with:

"Hi there, I recieved an email today that stated " We took these actions because your website XXX may be in violation of our Acceptable Use Policy. This policy prohibits the use of our payment service for any transactions involving gambling and lotteries. ".

We do offer ANY form of gambling on our website, I believe that when someone looked at our website, they did not realize that our “lootbox” function is old and is DISABLED and has never properly worked. Had someone tried purchasing or observing a lootbox, they would of realized that the system is graphically broken and displays the same “Loot” etc for all of them, I think someone may of just glanced at the site and been like “Lootboxes” oh no!. But there is no gambling or other aspects happening on RSgoldrush and We have NEVER, EVER used Amazonpay for any applicable lootbox sales, we have never sold a lootbox outside what happened with testing months ago that we tested it and realized it was not going to workout.

These were never intended to have any form of gambling aspect ever, they were put onto the website as a reward for our loyalty program, i.e a fun thing that if you spend $250 with us in a month you get a free $5 “Bronze” lootbox, if u spend $500 in a month u get a free $10 “silver” lootbox, but the system never worked. These never had any gambling aspect what so ever though haha, they were just a way like a IRL company might give someone a t-shirt for joining a gym, our lootbox system was suppose to be designed similar like that, you cannot “gamble” or "lose’ money.

The actions you have taken to resolve the issue
Lootboxes have been removed from the site completely, I sincerely apologize for the confusion but we would never violate any laws, we have been an excellent merchant so far(0 issues) and have recently moved to Amazonpay from Paypal. If you review the attachments you will see that the page is now completely blank.

The steps you have taken to prevent the issue going forward
We have contacted our developer to remove any mention of “Lootboxes” from our page, they were already disabled and unpurchasable, I just dont think that the reviewer of the matter realized this, I hope we are able to reestablish our excellent relationship with Amazonpay without further issue. I have removed ALL boxes after seeing this Email and realizing that Amazonpay had no idea they didnt even work."

I then received:

" Hello, We reviewed your account and the information you provided, and we decided that you may no longer use Amazon Pay. Any remaining funds will be held for 90 days from the date your account was closed. After 90 days, or upon completion of all pending investigations, the funds, minus any claims or chargebacks, will be made available for withdrawal. If you have further questions about your funds, write to Sincerely, Amazon Pay"

I do not understand how or why they would uphold this suspension, 1) The lootboxes didnt even work and 2) There was no gambling aspect, you could just get them as part of our loyalty system, you COULD NOT LOSE MONEY.

I am really upset and confused as to why Amazon pay support does not grasp that there is in no form, any gambling activity’s occurring.

Anyone have any suggestions or a manager or someone that I could try to talk to? This is my livelihood :(.


I hope someone from Amazon sees this or I get the callback I requested earlier because I am really sad. I was really, really enjoying Amazonpay and had a 0% issue rate on over 100 orders and growing. I am really upset :(. I feel like the person on the other end of my Emails is not grasping that there was no gambling occurring what so ever. I instantly removed the entire page of our loyalty rewards/lootbox page(I cant disable the category as it requires a developer, but its just a blank page now), and I would of never, ever in a million years of jeopardized my amazonpay relationship over something so dumb.


I kind of feel like someone from Amazonpay just glanced at the site saw “lootboxes” and banned us, had they tried to finish the process I.e get a lootbox, they would of realized that at our cart page, it prompts them to order a certain amount and then get the lootbox tacked on as a reward/bonus(Which it’s FREE, its just suppose to be FUN), so if someone tried to buy a lootbox, they’d be prompted to make however much we require that as part of our loyalty program, so if u tried to get the $5 box, you’d be prompted to order $100 worth of our product and get the box as a bonus, its the same thing as simply giving a customer a coupon but so much for fun, so if the lootbox contained say, “1M gold” in our industry, that would be the equivalent of giving the customer a 1% off discount, there was no “gambling”, it was just like an extra bonus or our method of doing coupons but more customer interactive/fun.

I’m beating my head against the walls you guys, I’m really struggling right now because nobody seems to grasp that this is not gambling, its just more a fun interactive loyalty/coupon system(that I ripped out the second I realized it would be any form of issue -.-) which it shouldnt of been!


I don’t think “it never worked” is a very good defense. You should have removed all the non-working gambling-appearing aspects of your site and then appealed.

Also, if you copied and pasted your exact reply here, you said that you DID offer gambling (sort of). I assume it was a typo, but saying "We do offer ANY form of gambling on our website, " isn’t what you meant to say. I’m sure you meant to say that you did not offer any form of gambling.

I would say to clean up your site, remove all the iffy stuff and try again. This time take it seriously and think about what you are doing, what issues Amazon has, and how to correctly word an appeal.


I have 2 websites and put Amazon Pay on both. As it seems when you use Amazon Pay, then the amazon bots check your site regularly just like their own catalog. If there is ANYTHING on your website that the bot sees against policy, you will get these problems.

I had to remove from 1 website and keep on another. I could never figure out what the problem with the other website was, but I think I have articles talking about cold and flu remedies and such, so that was flagged… I just had to move on, every website wont adhere 100% to amazons guidlines, especially when its just bots looking for keywords!


I contacted our developer and removed all mentions of anything to do with Lootboxes. I will reappeal now and hope for the best.


I just appealed again with:

" Hi there,
I previously appealed my suspension and perhaps did not explain things like I should of. I reached out and explained the issue on the Amazon forums at: Seller account Deactivated for "Gambling", Having a hard time explaining the matter to support
and got some feedback about appealing and what to do from other Amazon sellers. Our website does not offer any form of gambling. I’m not sure if the agent reading this is willing to read the above thread, but if you do, it would be immensely appreciated.
Our website offered a very unique/custom sort of coupon and loyalty system that Amazonpay mistook as gambling or some form of lottery. First and foremost the first thing I wish to establish is that the system was nonworking, however the more critical point is that this was simply a fun/enjoyable coupon/loyalty system(or was intended to be); essentially the design of the system was this: If you purchased a certain amount of our product; we would of given you a lootbox based on the amount of product ordered: So if you ordered $100 of product, you would of got a free “bronze”(lower tier) lootbox, that lootbox would then contain things like $1 of product, $2 of product, $5 of product(1,2,5% off respectively or “bonus”) basically the equivalent of giving a customer a coupon code, but alot more custom and fun for the customer, there is an “excitement” factor, THAT was the intent. Nobody could lose funds from purchasing these lootboxes or product on our website. If you tried to buy a lootbox, if Amazonpay had followed the checkout process, at the end you would of been prompted to purchase that amount of related product to get that box, so if u tried getting again, a bronze lootbox, at checkout you would of been prompted that to receive that lootbox, you’d need to buy $100 of product, which as previously mentioned, would of of then qualified them to get the box, the box has no value, the customer had no “risk”, its just a box that essentially was fun that contained essentially “coupons” for our products, so on that $100 purchase of our product, they could of got a 1%, 2%, 3%, 5%, 10% “coupon” on their purchase. This was mistaken as gambling but it is not, it simply is a very unique coupon option essentially/loyalty system. I have had my developer strip the site bare of anything to do with what Amazon may of had issue with, it is 100% gone and will never, ever return. I have never had an issue outside this with Amazonpay and hope to reiterate that what was seen as gambling was not gambling in any form. We are an established, legitimate company within the United States of America and hope to rejoin the Amazonpay ecosystem. I really enjoyed using Amazonpay and I would be really, really appreciative if Amazonpay has a look at this again and realizes it’s just a bit unique of a coupon/loyalty system, not any form of gambling or lottery.

Thank you so much for your time and have a great day,



I just got this response to the appeal:

" Amazon

Mar 11, 2020 11:23 PM

Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,

I understand your concern with regard to Amazon broken system.

I’ve checked this for you and let me share that the issue has been fixed and we’re sure that was 100% clear and it will never return.

Have a good day!

To help us continually improve, we ask that you take a moment to complete our survey below to tell us about your experience with this specific interaction.

Were you satisfied with the support provided?"

I have no idea what this means? It was over 12 hours ago so they didnt lift the suspension, What?


This is the Amazon sellers forum. You may get better answers in the Amazon pay forum.



My thread was moved here by an Amazon employee, I do not know why. I was already in the Amazon pay forum previously and Cecilia_Amazon moved my thread here. I am so confused.


You are profiting off impoverished Venezuelans and gambling-addicted Americans. Even if there is no gambling mechanic on your website, that’s what your business is. You deserve to be shut down.


3rd party payment processors like Paypal, Amazonpay, Stripe, Square etc are known for their volatility. They are not allowed to process payments that are considered “high risk” and they are very quick to shut anyone down that even remotely resembles a high risk merchant. So if your site and/or products even remote fit the “high risk” category, you are gone. GONE. Very little you can do. And they don’t usually ask questions or alert you to the fact you are about to get shafted, they just do it all-of-a-sudden. That is the way they all operate. Shut you down, ask questions later. However, your likelihood in getting reinstated is slim.

Your best bet is to hope you get whatever money they are holding (which they will hold for 90-180 days) and in the meantime shop around for a credit card merchant account. In the meantime, switch back to Paypal (assuming that didn’t get shut down, too) but plan to get out of it as quickly as you can.

Before you bother getting your own merchant account, you need to remove EVERYTHING from your website that is questionable and that may be construed as gambling or anything else like that.

I don’t know exactly what you sell, but if it remotely resembles anything on this list, then you can figure that you’ll have to get a “high risk” merchant account.

Better read up on merchant accounts, it’s a heck of a thing to have to shop for, especially at a time when you’re frazzled and not thinking clearly. This is especially true when shopping for a high risk merchant account.

Good luck.


If this is true in any remote way, you are definitely considered a high risk merchant and you will have to get a high risk merchant account. The reputable high risk merchant account providers might not even accept. Those that do will likely require high rolling reserves, multi-year contracts and even try to stick you with early termination fees as well as auto-contract renewals that have cumbersome processes in order to break away from the company.

You may want to look into selling trinkets instead.


We are a USA company. I’m not sure what the above user is speaking about, at all.


It appears your website allows you to buy “virtual currency”. Amazon sees this is an issue.

I recommend going back to paypal, and always have a backup processor.


Your location being in the USA has NOTHING to do with anything. Absolutely nothing at all. It’s what you are selling that is the problem, whether you see it as a problem or not.

Then you have not followed my links at all and obviously do not want to learn the ins and outs of payment processing. You just want to collect money and live in la-la land? It doesn’t work that way. But being in a high risk business requires knowledge and the will to learn in order to survive.

You obviously want a quick fix, but there is no quick fix. You are a high risk merchant and therefore you need a specialized payment processing account in order to collect payments. 3rd party processors will not work (as you have found out). You can get away with it for a while sometimes, but it will cost you dearly when you get caught as they hold your funds and even sometime refund your past customers without your say (stripe does that all the time).

You need to understand what “high risk merchant” means. From what I have been reading in this thread, you are what is deemed a “high risk merchant” by the credit card associations and the merchant banks. Therefore, in order to collect debit and credit card payments, you MUST have a high risk merchant account. Paypal and any other 3rd party processors are NOT allowed (by rules of the merchant banks and credit card associations) to collect payments for “high risk” transactions, which is why they are so strict. If they get lazy about policing these transaction, they lose THEIR merchant accounts and they are out of business.

Furthermore, you need to learn how to read and understand the “Acceptable Use Policies” of these payment processors before you get into a bigger mess than you are in now.


If in fact you are trading in virtual currency, then Paypal will also get around to suspending you and keeping your money for at least 90 days. Virtual currency trading is considered a “high risk” industry. Paypal is not allowed to process high risk transactions.

I have given you a lot of information. All you have to do is use google and start learning if you want to take your business into the future. Because as it stands, you are on the wrong path.


We are not a high risk merchant. I can confirm and have confirmed with Amazon previously that we are not viewed as high-risk. Everything you’ve stated previously is incorrect. I can name over 15 websites in our exact industry that use the exact model we use, same product, etc.

We are currently suspended for “LOOTBOXES” that were a unique coupon system/loyalty system setup where customers could NOT lose any money, as I’ve previously stated on this thread.

We have a 0% chargeback/claims rate, 0% defect rate and 0% A-Z claims. 0% across the board. There are many other identical business’s to mine using Amazonpay.

I would appreciate if you actually know what your talking about if your going to comment on this matter. Amazon has no issue with our industry(clearly - judging by the 15+ approved merchants using Amazonpay within our industry that together do $25-$50M annually).

We are not high risk, we do violate any Amazon policies. The only thing that is an issue here is the fact Amazon mis-understood a lootbox system as gambling(that was removed).

Also we do not deal in virtual currency, so please stop saying that. We have 0 relation to cryptocurrencies in any form.



If I know what your website is, then you are dealing in virtual currency (not cryptocurrency, virtual currency), which is in fact categorized as a high risk industry/product. Does not matter what others are doing, they will get canned eventually.

Good luck. Learn to listen. Take your heart out of it and use your brain if you want to survive in your line of business.


Welp. Congrats to Amazonpay. Due to their ignorant actions and the fact that nobody understood the system two different business’s have collapsed with pressure from Coronavirus and the incorrect termination of my Amazonpay account. Last update I’ll be posting. GG killed a 7 figure business(2 put together) in less then 2 weeks with no card processing(80% of sales) and corona with 8-12% margins and declining sales and rising expenses/upkeep and killed a new startup that was booming and was about to have card payments added. We didnt even get a chance to move sales over to Amazonpay hardly after leaving our last card processor and then to get banned before volume picked up put card sales to 0. Our new card processor took to long to approve us and due to Corona all the card processors are taking much longer(weeks-> months depending where you look). Thus putting the companies in their graves.

Way to go Amazonpay. What a complete joke. You just put 2 USA small business’s in the grave when I have a perfect Account Health and 0 chargebacks over a fun lootbox system that I was willing to remove(and did at the time) if Amazon had any issue with it. Not one Lootbox was ever sold via Amazonpay. Not one.