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Why is Amazon asking for invoices yet again?

by Seller_loXyuKvLuM2W2


when i was new seller, i get this review for certain asin and always provide the invoices. No problem.

now after selling for 1 year, i a getting this request again? why it keep repeating?

Also this time it asked proof for an ASIN which the item was listed inactive, i no longer selling this item. And the funny thing is the brand name was a wrong one. How can amazon make such mistake?

on amazon the listing is correct but seller performance email item ASIN and the brand name is invalid.

Seller support told me to email seller performance and asked them but no reply. They clearly told me only that team and tell why the brand is something else.

How does product review work? According to them someone must have complaint. But i doubt so.


Tags: ASIN, Listings
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4 replies
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In reply to: Seller_loXyuKvLuM2W2's post

I suspect the 2nd comment is why they asked again. If the Brand changed it could be that triggered the bot to make sure you were authorized.

As to no longer selling an item … that doesn’t matter if you are maintaining an inactive listing in inventory. That is like saying “I might sell this again …”.

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In reply to: Seller_loXyuKvLuM2W2's post

Anytime there is a Brand mismatch you are likely to get asked. The higher profile the brand the more likely it is.

Also, Amazon seems to be finally cleaning up it’s distributors some. Previously they would accept an invoice if the factory said the item was legit. Now they understand that many of the Chinese “Factories” they were accepting invoices from are nothing more than counterfeit facilities.

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