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deactivated account all market

by Seller_gxqYYfRwe5bIr

How are you my dear I hope you are well first of all please read all my messages and reply to me.

Here I want to tell you a very sad story, after hearing it you will also say to yourself that this is abuse of my self and it is a very big abuse. The problem is that I created an amazon account and after about 10 days I got an amazon code and for the verification of which I did dress verification and it was completed in the night and it was successful. Then it happened that at the same time I started to make my account , I started by opening different marketplaces, I opened three marketplaces, one of which was Saudia and Dubai and the third marketplace was USA.

Then what happens is five minutes pass and all three of my marketplace accounts are deactivated and I get a notification saying give us a business license or we get utilities ok I agree but I want to clarify one thing here that I had LLC in USA on which I created the account and not I created indiviual and I had previously provided LLC and because of that you guys Improved my account I was a LLC If there was a mistake in my LLC or some of my documents then why couldn't you have told me it was a mistake in your documents when I created the account? Five minutes later automatically throws an error that deactivates all of my accounts and a doomsday dawns on me. You people have no sense left, I want to talk clearly .

And here I want to mention that when I registered the account then the documents that I provided were all original and none of them were fake but I did the dress verification from my US. The LLC also had my address there, and after that I gave my bank account statement, my address was there, but after that, you got everything wrong about me. Everything is done inside if it's a technical error then why aren't you helping me I'm getting kicked out I'm so embarrassed I'm crying at times at my luck I should never have taken this step and I never got believe on amazon. Shouldn't have done it .

If there was some mistake, why did you activate my account again? After doing all the verification, my account was activated.

And I also want to confirm that this all happened due to a technical error caused by you and I don't think anyone is checking on it, everyone is saying it's your issue, it's yours. The issue is, see what I am saying, if I am wrong, tell me, you are wrong here, why are you arguing now .

And secondly, here we go to the documents you need for dis-verification, which we are insisting again and again. What can we do that we should do that is easy for us too

And the second thing here is what you mention that give us utility bill, didn't you give us two options while registering the amazon account that you can select any one of the two, then we selected the one with the bank statement. If we didn't have the utility then how would we submit it because you have given two options yourself so we selected the bank statement one.

And I have provided the bank statement, but even after that, you still have objections, you still don't understand what we have to do. Deactivate the account option and say there that only utility bills are to be paid, then we will pay such utility bills.

I believe that many people will be wrong, but if you are right, don't say that you are wrong .

But I want to move on to what we want to end on. For God's sake, have mercy on someone. I didn't do anything illegal that caused you to deactivate my account.

And the second thing is that what I can provide you is my USA LLC and my address is also mentioned on it now you can check the address there and secondly here I I am providing you that is my bank statement you can also check it and the third thing you do is to give me the bill I am also providing my sim bill which you can check this But my address is the same as my address on Amazon .

Even after doing all this, if you feel that there is something wrong, then still tell me, because I do not talk to you with lies and mistrust, and neither do I want to waste your time or mine.

But what I want to talk about here is important, if your heart is still not satisfied, then I give you another option, that option is that I am providing you the utility bill of my father. can confirm that he is my father and live in my house and is our dress you can confirm it i am sending you my passport and copy of my father's id card and my And along with this I am also providing my date of birth certificate so that everything is confirmed to you that I am not lying anywhere because you have to do address verification and the electrical bill is not in my name . is in father's name and only sim in my name because i thought amazon will never ask me for bill because there is mention here asking for bank account or llc and up address verification And as I have done the verification of my address, but still you people are not satisfied, your heart is not satisfied that this is not going well with the servant, for the sake of God, have mercy on me.

The point here is that I have invested 30 million dollars for the company that I am building and that company has done everything and that is my personal company that does not belong to anyone and my company is manufacturing in the USA and in China .

And which is one of the world and largest company in the world but you guys are bothering me so much I wanted to sell everything on amazon because I got a call from the amazon team a few days ago. They said you work at amazon we will support you and I feel like they were trying to cheat me who was supposed to support me I have provided everything but this is all with me.

I am also providing all my documents here then check them if there is any mistake then let me know if you have to do my face verification then they can also do it I can show you everything this is up It would be good for you to find a middle ground, not to solve your problem solo, but to solve your problem solo so that I feel good and you too.

And I am also mentioning my company's website, you can see it here. If you need any other information, please let me know. But for God's sake, please tell your internal team that they have this issue and this. There is a technical error that is causing them to be called and they need to solve the problem so I can move forward. It's not nice to be treated like this and all I did was call Amazon's assistant which is why I did it but don't bother me because I'm already very upset a few days ago.

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In reply to: Seller_gxqYYfRwe5bIr's post


Try getting to the point; no "I want to tell a sad story" or "and I want to mention".

Just spell out what the problem is. Be concise.

Also, be aware that this forum is full of fellow Amazon sellers; you are not conversing with Seller Support.

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