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Get reduced fees and third-party payments with Amazon Seller Wallet

by News_Amazon

Enroll in Amazon Seller Wallet before October 31, 2023 for reduced cross-currency and Hong Kong USD payments fees for up to a year.

By participating in Seller Wallet, you can get reduced transfers and payments fees based on your cross-currency net proceeds (that is, proceeds from all Amazon stores with a different currency than your reporting country) over the past 12 months. The following outlines how the fees are applied based on your cross-currency proceeds:

  • More than $1 million USD: 0.30% fee for both cross-currency transfers and Hong Kong USD payments.
  • Between $100,000 and $1 million USD: 0.30% fee for cross-currency transfers, and a 0.50% fee for Hong Kong USD payments.
  • Less than $100,000 USD: 0.6% fee for both cross-currency transfers and Hong Kong USD payments.

Certain payout currencies (AED, BGN, MAD, and RON) have a flat 0.6% promotional transfer fee regardless of your cross-currency proceeds.

In addition, we recently introduced a highly requested Seller Wallet feature: the ability to pay third-party vendors and suppliers directly from Seller Central. The new feature streamlines your payment process by eliminating the need to transfer funds to your bank before paying your vendors. If you sell globally, you can also save on conversion fees and minimize losses when using USD proceeds for USD-based business expenses.

Enroll today

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