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Brand Approval keeps getting pushed back

by Seller_zqF5Ru5rpJ5f4

I've applied to get the brand "Nintendo" approved its been close to a month now with no response from the amazon team after providing official distribution invoices I have heard nothing back every time i message support they push the date back and ask me to wait. Any tips?

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In reply to: Seller_zqF5Ru5rpJ5f4's post

You probably have not gotten a response because everyone in the BR department can't stop laughing long enough to write a rejection letter.

I can only see two possibilities --

The first is that you are trolling the Forum just for the heck of it.

The second is that you have absolutely no business selling anything on Amazon or any other site.

For BR the OWNER of the Brand is the one that MUST enter into the Brand Registry agreement. If the owner is not the same as the Amazon seller the seller will have to be granted access by the owner AFTER REGISTRATION.

The exception to the above options would be if your name is Steven M. Espenshade. In that case you are the Attorney of Record for Nintendo at the USPTO.

Come back when you have something that is not patently ridiculous to post please.

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In reply to: Seller_zqF5Ru5rpJ5f4's post

You are greatly confused about brand registry.

What you are wanting is to be ungated for that brand..

Instead (just going by what you write), it appears that you are trying to convince Amazon that you are the owner of NIntendo and want to register your brand.

I doubt that Amazon has any idea what you want and are just going by the facts as presented -- you claiming to own Nintendo.

They are unlikely to respond at all.

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In reply to: Seller_zqF5Ru5rpJ5f4's post

OK. let's go with the theory that @Seller_Hi7wbO2Kbo6blhas presented (likely the correct idea) and you just want to SELL Nintendo and are not really trying to register it in BR.

Put everything in vacation mode and spend the next three months studying Seller U and reading the Forum. You are NOT ready to sell on here at this time.

Here are some basics that you will find in Seller U. Failure to learn them WILL get you suspended.

The first question is -- Are you authorized IN WRITING by the BRAND to sell their items on Amazon? That means from the BRAND, not some random wholesale source that can NOT authorize anything – they only SELL.

More and more brands have provided a "whitelist" of their approved sellers and if YOU are NOT on the list you will be stopped in your tracks and probably hit with an IP violation.

The second (and probably more important) question is -- Where are you sourcing your products? Are you buying direct from the brand or through an AUTHORIZED wholesale source?

NOTE – FOR 'GATED' CATEGORIES' DOING RA IS NOT PERMITTED ON AMAZON. PERIOD. If you have to 'apply to sell' you WILL need an INVOICE and not a receipt.

There are a LOT of FAKE wholesalers out there ranging from places like Sam's Club, Costco, BJs Wholesale and others to all those Gray market providers touted on TikTok, Twitter, YouTube and other places. AND there are places like Ali#$#$ that sell counterfeits and knockoffs.

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In reply to: Seller_zqF5Ru5rpJ5f4's post

I assume you mean you requested approval to SELL the Nintendo brand. Did you send in a LOA from Nintendo that states you are authorized to sell their products on Amazon?

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