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Save and finish button not working

by Seller_lgf7sPHTln2Tb

Hi, I’m a seller on Amazon and trying to add a parent listing for my existing product, but the Save and Finish Button isn’t working. What happens is that although it’s active (turn blue after entering all the necessary data) when clicked there is a loading thingy and nothing happens, have cleared cache, changed browser and what not. Tried case log and even through inventory file just cannot seem to do it.
Also, I have three marketplaces and this problem is occurring only in “Mexico”. Can anybody help me out with this, would be a great support.
Thank you

Tags: Listings
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6 replies
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In reply to: Seller_lgf7sPHTln2Tb's post

It sounds like you may be missing a required field. Do you have the ‘more attributes’ toggle on?

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