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listing deleted

by Seller_YRrC5Js0Z29A0

Okay, here is my issue - Amazon deleted a listing after I sent the inventory; I'm using Amazon barcodes and approved distributor. Amazon claims that - "We have investigated and found the Seller to be using UPC/EANs that are not vented by GS1". Can I relist or what is my best option to not lose money on the inventory? Thank you all!

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In reply to: Seller_YRrC5Js0Z29A0's post

When you say "approved distributor." have you VERIFIED with the brand that they are in fact an authorized distributor?

That may not matter IF they are a smaller brand and do NOT have GS1 numbers -- a LOT of small sellers got their UPC numbers from massive sellers that have/had them.

It would appear that AMAZON may be doing some house cleaning. See the other thread from today about this same type of issue --

BOT removing listings with valid UPCs

Here is my best guess response to them on that one. Only time (or a MOD) will tell if this is accurate or just a guess -----------

I'm going to GUESS that unless YOU own "[XYZ] SPA" you will be stuck in quicksand for eternity on Amazon trying to get anything done.

They may very well be looking at enforcing the Brand Registry policies across the board on some/all brands --

Here are some of the 'typical' BR issues that may be coming into play and why YOU probably won't get it fixed.

What is the EXACT BRAND (as GRANTED) on the USPTO site? Is it the EXACT same as the Brand on the Amazon account AND the brand on the packaging?

What is the name of the Owner (REGISTRANT) on the USPTO site? Is it the EXACT same name as the owner of the Amazon account?

If it is NOT exactly the same you will need to show some proof that the two are the same. As I recall, I had to submit my LLC State Registration with MY name as the owner of the LLC since my Amazon account is under a different LLC name.

The OWNER of the Brand is the one that MUST enter into the Brand Registry agreement. If the owner is not the same as the Amazon seller the seller will have to be granted access by the owner.

When Amazon says something must match they mean EXACTLY!

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