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:bangbang: Quick guide on how to cancel an FBM shipment and re-purchase a shipping label

by Seller_4RRTjOpWG0qkj

These steps are for FBM orders only.

The seller selects to ship via UPS by pressing “Buy shipping” (carrier is irrelevant, it works the same regardless of carrier. For this example will switch from UPS to FedEx). Figure 1

To cancel the shipment, the seller must go to “Shipped” orders, select the order, and scroll to “Refund Purchased Shipping Label”. Figure 2

After clicking “Refund Purchased Shipping Label”, the page will open a new menu. The seller must select the checkmark that reads “By selecting this refund I confirm that I have not used the claimed labels for postage” and then click on “Refund Shipping”. Figure 3

The seller will be taken back to “Unshipped” orders. To complete the shipment, the seller must return to “Shipped” orders, select the order, and click on “Edit shipment”. Figure 4

The page will expand, showing the previously purchased shipment information. Here the seller can:

  1. Input the updated tracking information if the shipment was bought outside of Amazon, and then press “Re-Confirm Shipment”. If the shipping is bought from outside of Amazon, the seller won’t have INR protection (unless signature was required).
  2. Press “Buy Shipment”. This shipping option will provide INR protection (if label is scanned by the “ship by date”. Figure 5

If the seller selects “Buy Shipping”, the page will show the traditional buy shipping options, and the seller can simply select whichever method they prefer. Once the shipping is selected, the seller needs to press “Buy shipping” as shown in Figure 6.

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In reply to: Seller_4RRTjOpWG0qkj's post

Sometimes it stays in the “Shipped” orders after the initial cancellation but the process is the same. At least, this is what we have experienced with USPS cancellations.

But nice … bookmarking for future reference …

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In reply to: Seller_4RRTjOpWG0qkj's post

This has come multiple times,

How to purchase multiple labels when multiple units of an ASIN are sold at the same time

You receive a beautiful order where a buyer purchased several units of the same ASIN,

Click on the order and scroll to “Buy Shipping”

The page will expand showing a drop-down menu with the number of items that were ordered

Simply select from the drop-down menu how many are being shipped in the first package, and enter the size and weight of the carton that will be used for these items (in this example 2 units)

After doing this, click “buy shipping”
You will return to the orders page; the order will appear still as “unshipped”
Click on the order again, and repeat

The drop-down menu sometime counts the units that have been shipped, most of the times it does not
This means that even after having bought shipping for the first 2 units, the drop-down menu may indicate that all 5 are unshipped. By scrolling through the page, the seller will see the package that has already been “shipped”

The seller must select each time how many units are being sent per box.
For the example above, given that the seller has already shipped 2 units, the next Shipping Label must be of 3 or fewer.
If the seller selects 4 or 5 units, Amazon will not allow for the purchase of the label as this would imply that a package is being shipped twice.

The end result of purchasing multiple labels (in this example 2-2-1) looks like this:

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In reply to: Seller_4RRTjOpWG0qkj's post

How to purchase “Buy Shipping” labels in bulk

On the “Unshipped” orders page select the orders

Buying shipping in bulk is convenient for orders that have the same weight/dimensions.
It can become complicated when you’re purchasing for many different items.

Buying shipping in bulk is useless when orders have multiple units and need several shipping labels (post above)

Sellers can remove orders that have quantities that can’t be shipped in one single box, and may continue just with the orders that are “convenient” for bulk

By clicking “Change” the seller can see the different shipping options for each order

Note that “sponsored discounts” are not indicated. Sellers that buy shipping in bulk also miss the counter that indicates how many previous orders the buyer has.

Once the seller clicks “Buy Shipping” the labels are downloaded as zip, or as a pdf (it can be both)
If printing the PDF, please keep in mind that the last page is a summary of what was printed, so you may not want to print it (maybe you do to keep a record of the orders, completely up to the seller)

“Fun” trivia. If downloading the labels as PNGs, FedEx labels are way lighter than UPS labels.

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