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New Hack for manipulating seller ranking!

by Seller_hwOKiNSIJQdiO

So I ran out of options to trying to find someone who can help me with this. Seller help doesn’t even have an option to report this. I’m trying to report a couple of listings that’s using a new hack to manipulate sales rank. I believe what they are doing is having hundreds of people (called click farms) click on “add to cart” which then makes Amazon think that the product was purchased and therefore increases their sales rank which in turn allows them for #1 seller badge. Of course the click farms then don’t go on with the order. I hope you can forward this to someone who can actually change how the sales rank system works. But for now, here’s the listings that are violating this (they may be deactivated but later activated due to me reporting them for other reasons):


Here’s the first screenshot:

It shows that the ranking is at #14,000 (or #52 under sub category hair curler)
And just within 1 hour it goes to this here:

As you can see it became #251 for the entire beauty category which is unheard of. You’d have to sell 1000+ units A DAY in order to get that rank (also #1 for seller badge on hair curler). I’ve circled the straight line down to show that it’s not possible for a listing to go down that fast. It’s usually a slow climb up or down as you can see from the rest of the sales rank history (I’m using for sales rank history).

I’ve contacted seller support multiple times but all they do is remove the listing or remove the fake reviews but then the seller just attaches the reviews back again. 10 TIMES NOW he has repeatedly violated this TOS. Please see if you can help! I can’t keep reporting this over and over.

These listings are also violating another rule: they are adding other reviews from other products into their listing to make it look like they have a ton of reviews. Please see screenshot of customer pictures of different product:

or you can go on to the listing itself and check under international reviews. 99% of the review is of another product. I’ve already reported this 10 TIMES. Seller support can only do so much it seems and this guy keeps reverting back his listings as if nothing has happened. I think he has an Amazon staff working with him to revive these listings and put back these fake reviews. Please help! I got no other options!

Please remove the SELLER that’s doing this. Then maybe he will stop doing this over and over again. The seller that’s doing this for both listings is:
He is selling thousands of units now that are at best 3.5 stars posing as a 5 star product.

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In reply to: Seller_hwOKiNSIJQdiO's post

Hi @MLC_Distribution_Inc

This is Nicole here to provide support.

First of all, thank you for keeping an eye out for the community!

Here is our Community Guidelines that may help you report the violation based on your findings. Any attempt to manipulate Community content or features, including by contributing false, misleading, or inauthentic content, is strictly prohibited. As you go through the page and If no “Report abuse” link is available, you may email for further assistance.

You may tap on our Report Abuse page to help you report listings that are duplicate.

For sellers who may be new to the platform or anyone seeking to understand more, you can take a look at the policies below:

Once again, kudos for taking action and ownership to help our community! I hope the above information has been of value to you.

If you have any additional questions, please post them on this thread so we can continue to provide assistance and advice.

Nicole (妮可)

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