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Understand your customers better with Brand Analytics

by News_Amazon

Seller University’s free learning resources help you understand Amazon’s tools, programs, and services, so you can manage and grow your business at every step of your selling journey.

On Seller University, learn how Brand Analytics reports can help you understand your customers, products, and overall performance in the Amazon store.

  • Intro to Brand Analytics (5 minutes)
Click here to take a tour of each Brand Analytics report and learn how brands enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry have benefitted. Gain data-driven insights into their performance in the Amazon store.
  • Search Catalog Performance report (5 minutes)

Learn how customers interact with a brand’s products when searching products on the Amazon store.

  • Search Query Performance report (8 minutes)

Learn how Amazon customers discover a brand’s products.

  • Repeat Purchase Behavior report (8 minutes)

Discover how frequently a brand’s products are purchased.

  • Demographics report (5 minutes)

Click here to get a breakdown of sales for a brand’s products using five customer categories.

  • Top Search Terms report (5 minutes)

Discover the keywords customers use to locate and purchase products across the Amazon store.

  • Market Basket Analysis report (5 minutes)

Learn which products customers are buying in combination with a brand’s products.

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1 reply
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In reply to: News_Amazon's post

One metric I am still trying to find here on Amazon is how many times a potential customer purchases a similar (or counterfeit) product after looking directly for ours.

Or, how many of our competitors are served up sales when our product and company name are searched for directly (which we know for a fact happens, I can recreate it on any search).

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