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Label and barcodes

by Seller_jrocn5zeeiymG

I just need to know if my barcode and Amazon code are on the labels I printed. Or if I need another barcode. Is my account set up for this? I printed it, but I am not sure what the two barcodes for and if I need another single barcode.

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In reply to: Seller_jrocn5zeeiymG's post

Hi @Seller_jrocn5zeeiymG,

Dominic from Amazon here, happy to help. This means you cannot use the Manufacturer Barcode, it must be an Amazon Barcode.

Fulfillment by Amazon uses barcodes to identify and track inventory throughout the fulfillment process. Each item that you send to an Amazon fulfillment center requires a barcode.

There are three kinds of barcodes for identifying products:

  • Manufacturer barcodes (eligible barcodes include UPC, EAN, JAN, and ISBN)
  • Amazon barcodes (such as FNSKU)
  • Transparency authenticity code (brand owner only, may be required to help prevent counterfeit)

Amazon barcodes must be applied to all products that are not tracked using the manufacturer barcode. These products include the following:

  • Products that are not in new condition
  • Products that don’t have a scannable UPC, EAN, JAN, or ISBN barcode
  • Restricted products and dangerous goods
  • Products with an expiration date
  • Consumable or topical products
  • Media products
  • Products for children or infants

You can print Amazon barcodes and apply them to your products yourself, or you can have Amazon print and apply them for a per-item fee. For more information, go to Use an Amazon barcode to track inventory and FBA Label Service.

Please let me know if you have any questions! This page has a ton of info on barcodes: FBA product barcode requirements



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