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FBA Small and Light Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions supplement the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement and govern your participation in the FBA Small and Light program (the "Program").

  1. Program enrollment

    Your participation in the Program is subject to Amazon’s approval. Amazon may change Program eligibility criteria from time to time. You may withdraw from the Program at any time.

  2. Product enrollment
    1. You will enroll in the Program only products that meet the eligibility requirements described in the "Product eligibility" section of the Program Help page.
    2. Amazon may decline or cancel the enrollment of any product in the Program at any time, for any reason.
    3. You may withdraw your Products from the Program at any time.

  3. Preparation, packing, and shipping requirements

    FBA Small and Light has the same packaging and prep requirements as standard FBA. Review our Small and Light prep and packaging guide and ship your products to the fulfillment center specified by Amazon.

  4. Fees

    In lieu of standard FBA fulfillment fees, you will pay the fulfillment fees for the Program described on the Program Help page for the fulfillment of Small and Light eligible products. Your obligation to pay all other applicable Selling on Amazon and FBA fees is not changed by the Program.

  5. Products not eligible for Small and Light

    We will fulfill only Small and Light eligible products through the Program. If you send us products that are not Small and Light eligible products or if your products become non-Small and Light eligible products after you enroll them in the Program, non-eligible ASIN inventory will be charged the standard FBA fees.

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