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Brand Health

Currently, Amazon measures the following three Brand Health metrics to help brands be successful and meet our customer experience standards:

  • Competitive Price
  • Amazon Prime Eligibility
  • In-stock Rate

Competitive Price

The Competitive Price is the lowest price for the item from other major national retailers; it does not include the prices from other sellers in the Amazon store. We regularly review which national retailers provide comparable selection for each country and product group.

Performance in this metric is measured by the percentage of item page views that are currently priced competitively against other retailers over the trailing 30 days. This means that your most viewed items influence your Brand Health metrics more than items with fewer page views. You may find the Competitive and Uncompetitive page views to be 0 if we cannot find any prices for your products on other major national retailers.

It is recommended that you enroll your products in automated pricing solutions such as Automate Pricing and Sold by Amazon to increase your products’ chances to become the featured offer. Visit the View Automate Pricing option in the Competitive Price page for more details

Automate Pricing

Automate pricing allows you to automatically adjust prices on SKUs in your catalog in response to events such as competitive price changes. To make it easier for you to automate your pricing decisions with Automate Pricing, Amazon has created pre-defined rules for you. Simply enroll your SKUs to the pre-defined rule to start repricing.

Sold by Amazon (SBA)

Sold by Amazon (SBA) provides a new, hands-off-the-wheel selling experience for FBA listings that is designed to help Sellers grow their business. Sellers choose which products to enroll in SBA, and once enrolled these products are priced by Amazon. Amazon’s pricing engine will make pricing adjustments so customers receive competitive prices. To ensure peace of mind, for each SBA product Amazon will provide a Minimum Gross Proceed (MGP) amount to protect your margins - you will never receive less than this price. SBA listings will appear to customers as “Ships from and Sold by,” just like products sold by Amazon retail.

Note: Sold by Amazon (SBA) is currently an invite-only program that is available for select selling partners.

Prime Eligibility

We calculate Prime Eligibility by measuring the portion of page views on your brand that was not eligible for Prime over the trailing 30 days. This means that your most viewed products influence your Brand Health metrics more than products with fewer page views. Products that are out-of-stock or inactive do not count towards this metric.

In-stock Rate

We see that when products go out-of-stock it has both a short-term and long-term effect on traffic and sales. We calculate In-stock Rate by measuring the portion of page views on your replenishable branded products that were in-stock over the trailing 30 days. Products with closed or suppressed listings do not count towards this metric.

Note: This metric is calculated differently from the FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) In-stock rate that covers only your FBA inventory.

Best practices for maintaining your Brand Health

The best way to maintain your Brand Health is to regularly monitor your prices and respond to push notifications. To learn more, see notifications settings.

Note: The Brand Health status is based on your historical performance (an average of the past 30 days), so actions taken today will take time to reflect in your score. If you just registered your brand in Brand Registry, allow at least 5 business days for the data to be reflected in the Brand Dashboard.

The following factors also affect your Brand Health:

  • Competitive Price
  • Prime Eligibility
  • In-stock rate

The metrics and recommendation in the Conversion and Traffic section do not influence your core Brand Health metrics.

Brands that do not meet our customer experience standards might lose certain privileges associated with operating as a seller on Amazon, including the eligibility of featured offers on product detail pages.

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