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FBA Small and Light frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

What happens if the price of one of my Small and Light enrolled products increases above $10?

All items above 3 lb or $10 will be converted to standard FBA and subject to FBA fulfillment fees.

How do I identify which of my offers are eligible for FBA Small and Light?

Go to the FBA Opportunities tool to identify which of your offers are eligible for Small and Light. For more information about the tool, go to our Help page.

How do I disenroll offers from Small and Light?

Before disenrolling offers, make sure there is no inventory left in Small and Light. Go to Remove products from the Small and Light program to disenroll your offers.

For details on how to remove inventory, go to Remove inventory from a fulfillment center.

How are Small and Light offers shown to customers?

The customer delivery promise will say “Free delivery by [DATE] for Prime members” when customers search for products.

Why do I see a promotional discount for my offers if I didn’t offer one?

Some Small and Light products priced $5 or under and belonging to the Consumables category (Beauty, Health & Personal Care, Grocery, Baby – excluding Apparel) may be eligible for a 5% price discount if the customer orders two or more units of the same item. FBA covers the cost of the discount – it won't change what you're paid for your items. No action is required by you to participate in the promotion.

Can I offer a product in both FBA Small and Light and the standard FBA program?

Yes. You can have an FBA Small and Light offer and an offer in the standard FBA program on the same product. If you want to have offers in both programs, note that fulfillment through FBA Small and Light and through standard FBA require different processes. For instructions on creating offers in both programs, go to Creating offers in both FBA Small and Light and standard FBA.

Can I offer a product through FBA Small and Light and also fulfill it myself?

Yes. You can have an FBA Small and Light offer and a seller-fulfilled offer on the same product.

Can I use my existing MSKU when shipping FBA Small and Light units to a fulfillment center?

To use an MSKU for Small and Light, you must have one that is based on an offer in FBA. Enroll your seller-fulfilled offer in Small and Light and then convert it to FBA.

If you want both Small and Light and seller-fulfilled offers, we recommend creating a separate offer for each so that you have two MSKUs: one for Small and Light and one for seller-fulfilled. Update or create multiple offers at once using the Inventory Loader tool.

Are my existing FBA offers that use manufacturer barcodes for virtual tracking eligible for enrollment?

Yes, you can enroll existing FBA offers that are tracked with manufacturer barcodes (also called virtual tracking) through the Small and Light product enrollment page. Once enrolled, our system will automatically convert your existing FBA offer into a Small and Light offer. The inventory information will continue to be tracked by manufacturer barcodes. For more information, go to Using FBA virtual tracking. Each individual unit must have an Amazon barcode. Units cannot be bundled and must comply with the standard FBA packaging and prep requirements.

Are expiration-dated products allowed in Small and Light?

Yes, Small and Light accepts expiration-dated products, but temperature-sensitive products (like chocolates) are not accepted. Small and Light follows the standard FBA requirements for expiration-dated inventory.

Products sent to Amazon must have a remaining shelf life greater than 105 days from the time of receipt by Amazon. Units that are within 50 days of the expiration date will be removed for disposal by Amazon. Units subject to disposal will not be available for return.

When you ship expiration-dated products to Amazon, make sure that each box has only one expiration date per product. Multiple units of the same product can be shipped together if all units have the same expiration date and are bagged or bundled together.

How do I remove my Small and Light inventory from Amazon’s fulfillment centers?

You can create a removal order in Seller Central to remove your Small and Light inventory, just as you would for standard FBA inventory. Small and Light removal and disposal order fees are the same as standard FBA removal order fees. For more information, go to Remove inventory from a fulfillment center.

When will I get paid for my sales?

Sales for Small and Light items are treated just like standard FBA sales, and proceeds will be distributed at the same frequency.

Can I use Small and Light for products that I sell on channels other than Amazon?

No. Small and Light can be used only to fulfill Amazon orders.

What reports are available to track my inventory and sales?

For sales and inventory data, consult FBA reports such as the Amazon-Fulfilled Shipments and Inventory reports. To find them, go to Amazon Fulfillment Reports.

What about customer service for my orders in Small and Light?

We provide fulfillment and customer service for your orders, including customer returns.

Is there a way to set up restock notifications for my Small and Light inventory?

Yes. You can set inventory replenishment alerts for your Small and Light inventory. For more information, go to Replenishment alerts guide.

How do I get the best results with Small and Light?

  • Enroll products that you fulfill yourself.
  • Ensure that you are priced competitively.
  • Use replenishment alerts to avoid lost sales from running out of inventory.

Does the program offer customer returns?

Yes, with Small and Light, Amazon provides fulfillment and customer service for your orders, including processing customer returns. For information on how Small and Light refunds and reimbursements will be applied to your account, go to FBA customer returns policy. To ensure a great customer experience, we may accept returns beyond the timeframe stated in these policies.

Is Small and Light part of the Add-on program?

No. Small and Light offers free shipping with no minimum purchase requirement.

What does the FBA Small and Light option do in the Convert to FBA page?

If you select FBA Small and Light as your fulfillment program, your offer (MSKU) will be enrolled for fulfillment through Small and Light.

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